Journalist and "wandering European" Roman Bernard joins Richard, Andy, and Colin to discuss France's promising new youth group "Génération Identitaire."  The conservation then transitions to the importance of "generations" in the traditionalist Right.  Below the surface, groups like GI aren't so rebelling against a Muslim invasion as the generation of 1968.  

Audio Note:

For reasons that are still unclear, a crackling sound appears on the recording whenever I (Richard) speak.  I've run the file through noise-reducing software, which has improved matters, though the recording is still not ideal.  I don't want to do any greater noise reduction, since this subtracts information from the overall sound wave and, eventually, makes the entire recording inaudible.  

I apologize.  The problem will be fixed before next week's program.  ~RS

Show Notes: 

In French-Canada, what Americans call the French-Indian War is referred to as the "War of Conquest."

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