Cleaning Up the Streets

Pauline Kael called Dirty Harry "fascist Medievalism."  Colin, Andy, and Richard debate whether the film deserves such high praise. In this edition of Masterpieces of (Bad) Right-Wing Cinema," Vanguard Radio delves into genre of 1970s vigilante films.   

Music: The Cure, "At Night" + Death Wish


Dirty Harry (1971)

Death Wish (1974)

Taxi Driver (1976)

Roger Ebert's review of Dirty Harry.

Pauline Kael's review (1,2) of Dirty Harry.  

Robert Prechter on Social Mood

Bernie Goetz

John Hinkly Jr. and Jodie Foster 

Rorschach in Watchmen

Writer Paul Schrader and Black pimps

New York City policing methods 

Freekanomics and abortion