It's the End of the World As We Know It (2012 Edition)

To celebrate 2013, Andy, Colin, and Richard look back on the year that was and forward to that which will be.  Highlights include a tribute to Jonathan Bowden, lists of favorite books and movies of 2012, and predictions for 2013—as well as a discussion of the nature of prediction itself.     


Larry Auster on liberalism and the danger of wild animals
Guillaume Faye's trilogy from Arktos
Andy Nowicki, Heart Killer
Derek Turner, Sea Changes
Tom Wolfe, Back to Blood
Richard Spencer on The Dark Knight
Mark Hackard on The Dark Knight Rises
James Glassman & and Kevin Hassett, Dow Jones 36,000 
Robert Precter and socionomics; "History's Hidden Engine"
Norman Angell, The Great Illusion