Is America a "Christian nation"?  Will traditional Christianity die in the West and flourish in the Third World? What's the significance of the self-esteem religion of Joel Osteen?  These and other questions are explored as Andy, Colin, and Richard discuss Christ in the modern world.


:Wumscut: + Joel Osteen


Ullr—The Skiing Germanic God of Snow 

Jacques Ellul

The Subversion of Christianity 


Philip Jenkins, The Next Christendom

John Sentamu, The Archbishop of York

Richard's notion of "PC Judo

Pew Forum survey of religious knowledge 

Pew Forum's online quiz

Søren Kierkegaard

Joel Osteen

Osteen "Living in Total Victory"

Critical background on Osteen

Rick Warren

Warren's godly attire

Eric Kaufmann, Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?