2012 Christmas Special


Andy, Colin, and Richard continue their discussion of The Hobbit as well as J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord of the Rings books. They then turn to Quentin Tarantino's unpleasant slave-revolt and revenge fantasy, Django UnchainedThe podcast is brought to a close with a warm-and-fuzzy conversation about Christmas memories, the meaning of Christmas, the war on Christmas, as well as the holiday's pagan origins.   


Alex Kurtagic, "A Very Different Kind of Wedding."  

Fredic Spotts, Hitler and the Power of Aesthetics

Patrice Chereau's production of Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelugen.

TrailerDjangao Unchained


South Park, "Naggers"

Richard Spencer, "Race Baiting and Its Discontents." 

James Russell, The Germanization of Early Modern Christianity

World Net Daily's "WaronChristmas."