Living in the Current Year

As the new Current Year begins, Ramzpaul joins Richard to discuss the Current Year that was.

Villainous LARPing

Paul Chandler and Colin Liddell join Richard to discuss the greatest James Bond film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969), as well as the Jewish and fascist character of Ernst Stavro Blofed and the manipulation of female sexuality.

The Long March

Roman Bernard and Guillaume Durocher join Richard to discuss the Front National, Donald Trump, the prospects for electoral politics, Alt Right culture, and getting Gramsci right . . . and wrong.

Allies of Color

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

Journalist Guillaume Durocher joins Richard to discuss the recent NPI conference, the Paris attacks, the political scene in Europe, the bankruptcy of the Left, identitarianism vs. civic nationalism, and taking online activism offline.

Black Friday

Roman Bernard joins Richard to relay his experience in Paris during the recent terrorist attacks and discuss the symbolism of violence and potential for a European awakening.

The Spectre Spectre

Paul Chandler and Richard Spencer discuss the film Spectre, as well as male and female fantasies, marriage, nostalgia for the Cold War, and what makes the Spectre theme song so bad.

The Origins of the White Man

Kevin MacDonald joins Richard to discuss the origins of the White race and the prospects for its future, including the possibility of extinction.

Back to the Future

Derek Turner joins Richard to discuss the European migrant crisis and how it was prophesied by novel’s like Raspail’s Camp of the Saints and Turner’s own Sea Changes.


The “Polish Plumber
Derek Turner, Sea Changes
Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints
Derek Turner on “The Macpherson Report
Margaret Thatcher, “There’s no such thing as society.”
N.B.: Re-read in context, this quote has a more layered meaning than usually assumed by Thatcher’s advocates and adversaries (and Richard in this podcast).
William Hague on the “danger” of English nationalism
Jean-Marie Le Pen launches new political party W.B. Yeats, “The Second Coming
“The Grand Mutt,” podcast with Manuel Ochsenreiter


Roman Bernard and John Morgan join Richard to discuss Stanley Kubrick’s *Dr. Strangelove* (1964), how nuclear policy is impossible to parody, and the past and future of total destruction.