A Gentle Introduction to White Nationalism, Part I

Author’s note: If you stumble upon this while reading your favorite websites, then this article is not for you. You may enjoy it, but you are not the target audience. I wrote this piece for the conservatives out there who are feeling frustrated and disempowered by their inability to gain any traction in government, and perhaps even for disaffected liberals, disillusioned by the Ferguson riots, and other, similar, events.

And I’m asking for your help. If you have friends who are open to new ideas, and with whom you feel comfortable speaking to about your beliefs, then please share this article with them. We live and die by our numbers, and there are many people who would benefit from joining our community. Share this with your trusted friends and family. Introduce them to a new way of thinking about the world.


I am going to be asking a lot of you in this article, and honestly, I’m not sure you are up to the task. I want you to read what I have to say, and I want you to postpone judgment until after you’ve read it and thought about it for a few good hours. Afterwards, feel free to call me whatever you want. And trust me, you are going to want to call me a lot of bad things. Nazi, skinhead, racist, bigot, homophobe--all those words are going to cross your mind. You are going to be offended, and that’s expected. All I ask for is about ten minutes of your time, and that you think about what I have to say. After that, let the insults fly. After all, I probably deserve those nasty monikers, because I’m going to discuss something that you don’t see talked about very often--only decried and derided. I’m going to offer an explanation of and argument for White Nationalism, and after this little essay is over and done with, I believe you will have a newfound respect for it, even if you disagree with everything I have to say. It is even possible, farfetched though it may seem, that you may come to call yourself a White Nationalist.

So, let’s start at the beginning. When I use the words, “White Nationalism,” what comes to mind? Probably skinheads, swastika tattoos, and jackboots. Maybe some heavy metal, if you are into that kind of music. Oh, and Klan rallies. Let’s not forget those. We all know those goofy ghost costumes with the pointed hats. Well, I’ve got some news for you. Only a tiny, tiny minority of White Nationalists actually wear those kind of clothes or associate with those kind of people. In fact, of that minority, probably half of them are FBI plants. I stay as far as possible from those types as I can. They are kooks.

At any rate, it’s tempting to stereotype things. The world is a complicated place, and it’s natural to gloss over what we don’t know well. And why would you know much about White Nationalism? It’s not the kind of thing that you think about very often, so it’s only natural you would hold only a cartoon view of it.

I don’t mean that as an insult, either. We parody those we disagree with. Sometimes I picture progressive activists as incontinent, AIDS riddled homosexuals. Other times I see the typical, big business conservative as some sort of modern day robber baron, drinking wine distilled from the miserable tears of child laborers.

But we both know that those are caricatures of the real thing. It’s easy to forget that there are real people behind these political philosophies. They each have their intellectual heavyweights, their good points, as well as their bad points. And as a movement, they both have their fair share of bad apples. But they are all people, even though sometimes we want to strangle them for their politics. At the end of the day though (despite what we tell ourselves), they are still human.

Yet you’ve learned to see past politics, and I have, too. Even though it’s hard sometimes. I have liberal and conservative friends, and I’m hoping that, afterwards, you would be willing to count me as a friend. Or, at the very least, not some sort of bogeyman Nazi. A guy you could go out for a drink with, or at least be willing to agree to disagree with. Basically, a person. Just like you.

And that’s what I am. I go to work everyday, and sometimes I don’t want to go, but I do anyway. For breakfast, I usually have plain Greek yogurt (it’s very high in protein!), but sometimes if I get up early enough I make an omelet. I have people who mean the world to me, and who I’d hate to see anything bad happen to. I even have a little dog. She’s turning fourteen soon. And it kills me watching her lose her eyesight, and I cherish every passing second with her. I curse that our pets can only make part of the journey with us.

So, I’m human. I love things, and feel things and all that other stuff. I’m also a White Nationalist. Not of the kooky skinhead variety, but just a guy who is concerned. And now that you see that I’m not a monster, I want to share some of my beliefs with you.

The first thing you need to understand is that White Nationalists don’t agree on everything, but we agree on a lot. Consider this sort of the “Mere” White Nationalism spiel, like C.S. Lewis’ famous book, Mere Christianity. He recognized that there were quite a few different sects of Christianity, so he didn’t talk about what made Christians different, but rather what united them. That’s what I want to talk about--what unites White Nationalists. And, honestly, the answer is going to surprise you. It’s not hatred of different people or cultures, or anything like that. What unites White Nationalists is love. You heard me right--love. What do we love? Well, you might think the answer is White people, but that’s not really true. I mean, what’s so great about White people? Definitely not their ability to dance.

So it’s not love of White people that draws us together. Rather, it’s love of what White people produced--Western civilization. I suspect you love Western civilization, too, even if you don’t want to admit it. We believe that there are certain things that makes the West great. We don’t agree on all of them, but I’ll name a few that you probably are partial to yourself: representative government, a fair trial by jury, constitutional republics, and free enterprise. We think that these things, along with others, are traits that make the West unique, and are what allowed the West to really become the dominant power in the world today.

But, there’s a catch. And I’m going to say something that you are going to immediately disagree with, but I don’t want you to start voicing objections yet. Just listen. We also believe that there is a racial component to Western civilization.

Racial? That’s kind of an ugly word, and I know, but there really isn’t a euphemism for it. We believe that these institutions that made the West great have a lot to do with the people who started them in the first place. And those people were White. What I’m saying is that you can’t have Western civilization without White people, and that White people have a genetic proclivity to create civilizations that are fundamentally Western in character.

That’s a fairly controversial statement, I get that. But, if we go by comparison, this idea will make a lot more sense. The easiest--and saddest--example is Africa. If we go to almost anywhere in Africa, we see that the native Africans produce and seem to prefer an anarchic form of rule, where power struggles and fights for resources are settled through violent action. And, if we go to the US cities that have a large African American population, we see the same problems in Africa cropping up here, albeit on a smaller scale.

The differences between the other groups are similar, although less extreme. For example, it’s often been said that there is a strong emphasis on conformity in the Asiatic cultures, and South America has shown to have a strong preference for socialist governments.

This isn’t racist; it’s merely observation. Different peoples and cultures produce the living environments in which they are most comfortable. Where you and I likely disagree, though, is the whole nature versus nurture debate. White Nationalists believe that nature is a very big deal, and that many of our political and ideological differences are not purely rational, but largely biological. And there is very compelling evidence for this, and scientists are beginning to find genetic predispositions to conservative and liberal mindsets, and I haven’t said anything about differences relating to race and IQ. And if these differences exist, then it matters very much who your parents were, and what part of the world you’re from. We don’t care about skin color, but we do care about genetic profile.

I wish this were not the case. In the perfect world, everyone would want safe, healthy communities where we could raise our kids and not worry about letting them stay out late at night. However, I’ve slowly been forced to come to the conclusion that different people want different things, and have different values. I face these realities every day as the number of crime-ridden barrios increase, and as horror stories of black violence stream endlessly from places like Detroit, or Ferguson.

But, please do read the links that I provided. You don’t have to agree, but just know that there is a lot evidence out there to suggest that what I’m saying is true. Once you understand where I’m coming from, then a host of other White Nationalist issues will make sense.

Basically, what we are afraid of is demographic death. We think that Western civilization is beautiful and worth preserving (and therefore, so are White people), and when we look at the trends, we feel very alarmed. We look at declining birth rates in first world countries, and we wonder about our future. After all, most first world countries are White, and these trends, combined with massive immigration from the non-White world, means that White people have a very real existential threat. By our way of thinking, what with the importance of nature over nurture, you can see why we believe that Western civilization itself is at stake. You don’t have to agree, just accept that what we are saying is logical under the framework which we are operating. Feel free to reject the framework, but concede that we are rational, even if you later conclude that we are misguided.

I’ve asked a lot of you here, and you’ve been gracious enough to read through to the end. It is not often that you come into contact with something as reviled and hated as a White Nationalist, and I’m hoping by now you feel that our positions are understandable, even if you disagree. Now that you know the fundamentals of why we feel the way we do, I want to talk about how White Nationalists, specifically American ones, feel about the current political situation, and what exactly it is that we want. You may find yourself surprised by how much you agree with what I have to say. But, that’s for later. We will speak again soon.

See you in Part II.