A New Year's Challenge

The Death of the West is occurring at the same time the world is enjoying the greatest period of peace and prosperity in history. And the worst part of this global “good news” is there is no indication that this will change anytime soon.

The facts are:

The position of the “indispensable nation” is actually far more secure then it was only a few years ago. The biggest change is in energy security. The United States is the world’s largest natural gas and oil producer. Gas prices are on the decline even with the continued existence of the Islamic State. “Peak oil” seems more distant than ever.

The American energy superpower is also largely protected from the disruptions plaguing the rest of the global economy, allowing the U.S. economy to grow by more than 3 percent next year while the rest of the world struggles. The American dollar is gaining against other world currencies. One is reminded of the quote (mis)attributed to Bismarck: “There is a special providence for drunkards, fools, and the United States of America.”

It wasn’t long ago when we could speculate about Russia serving as the center of a counter-bloc to American influence, part of a “wind from the East” that would push back against multiculturalism. In the (wishful?) thinking of some commentators, the Third Rome could evolve into a Traditionalist force pushing back militarily and ideologically against American influence. Now, having put himself on the line by predicting economic difficulties can be overcome in “two years,” Vladimir Putin is likely entering the most difficult part of his tenure. In the still unlikely event of Putin’s fall from power, he might well be replaced by someone more hostile to America, but the hypothetical new leader would have far fewer resources to pursue such an agenda unless we see a rise in oil prices.

Can you have an alternative to the “golden straightjacket” that pseudo-pundit Thomas Friedman described in the Lexus and the Olive Tree? Maybe not.

The news from Europe is mixed. Patriotic parties continue to gain ground and American Identitarians have high hopes for the Continent, considering the “American” struggle is an extension of the larger European one. However, as Roman Bernard points out, the gains made by European political parties are largely overstated and Americans may be seeing what they want to see in these movements, rather than what really is happening.

To compare with an episode from my own experience, I was stunned when I met with German nationalists only a few years ago who expressed their envy that Americans had great and powerful “right wing” leaders like Sarah Palin. Never underestimate what can be lost in translation when viewing politics in what is, pan-Europeanism notwithstanding, another country.

What’s worse is that the System has already shown its willingness to simply throw out the rule book when even moderate nationalists start making inroads into the democratic process. In what can only be termed a preemptive coup, every one of the Swedish political parties, including the so-called center-right, formed a junta in order to cancel elections in which the Sweden Democrats were expected to do well. Astoundingly, the deal is expected to last until 2022. Sweden is also plagued by self-appointed commissars who go out of their way to destroy those who anonymously express dissent against what is now an overtly repressive and anti-Swedish political system. They are duly celebrated by American media.

Of course, Sweden is only the most extreme example of a System that operates in every country of what we once called the West. And there’s been shockingly little opposition, especially in the United States. The only successful resistance to the federal government that comes to mind in the past year was the hilariously inept stand of Cliven Bundy, which nonetheless forced the Bureau of Land Ownership to stand down from seizing his cattle.

Identitarians must not be deceived–many people, especially the young, really do believe in what the System tells them and only express opposition to political leaders for not going far enough in pursuing the egalitarian dream. The antics of many supposed anarchists and rebels actually serve as a support to the status quo. And as John Derbyshire observed of young American conservatives:

They are… determined to make the multiracial society work, they believe it can be made to work in spite of the hustlers and liberal guilt-mongers, and they are unwilling to read, say, or think anything that could be construed as unkind towards people of other races.

As for the libertarians, who are inheriting the Beltway Right, they are even worse. Whether this is out of fear or authentic belief is irrelevant as the two motivations are often inseparable. Why else preach about hell?

You can quibble with all of this. You can call the American economic recovery smoke and mirrors. You can say Identitarians are rallying the young people of Europe or point to a growing online right wing subculture in America. You can cite poll after poll showing that Whites are fed up with being called racist. There’s something to all of this.

Yet in reviewing far right literature over the last half century, the “collapse” is predicted again and again, largely based on the same factors. These include the soaring national debt, the collapse of the currency, and the moral decay of the American people. These and more should eventually bring down the Hollow Empire, but so far, there’s nothing.

Millions of people in this country are on the dole, but because it is an electronic bread line rather than a mob in the street, it is not interpreted as discontent. The quality of the average American is declining, but there has always been “much ruin in a nation” and we have a system that allows just a few innovators to drag along everyone else. This country is so spectacularly rich that dissent can be paid off and even a majority dependent population won’t gum up the works. And even if the United States of America, as a country, sees its symbols disgraced or its identity weakened, that does nothing to destabilize the larger financial and regulatory System that the American government serves.

We are left with two grim truths:

  • Most White people are not going to take meaningful action while the System remains.
  • The System, centered on the Washington regime and international finance, is in a stronger position now than it has been in years.

Massive political change doesn’t really occur unless the people at the top screw something up. Without the disastrous Russian participation in World War I, you don’t get the fall of the tsars. Given the current strength of the Establishment, a servant of the status quo like Barack Obama is brilliant to say that his foreign policy is simply “don’t do stupid shit.”

So where does this leave us? Things that can’t go on forever don’t. New technologies will strengthen the System in some ways, but actually further tribalism in others. And eventually, the current System will fall and be replaced by something else.

But we have to operate as if the current system will endure, that “The Ride Never Ends.” We need to change our perspective from dreaming of a revolutionary situation into building the groundwork for our people to survive even if the balance of power does not change. After all, even if we get an opportunity, what good will it be if our race is nothing but a collection of deracinated consumers.

The one taunt that anti-Whites use which carries some sting is that you (the Identitarian or the White advocate) didn’t do any of great accomplishments of the White race, you are just co-opting someone else’s accomplishment.

Of course, three quick responses are:

  • Many of those who built the world we live in (like William Shockley) were ideologically the same as us.
  • To speak of an individual identity apart from race, genetics and history is to make the “self” meaningless. To ask “What if you were black?” is a meaningless question. You wouldn’t be you.
  • Every great man or great accomplishment is dependent on a larger social context and demographic situation. If you don’t have a White West, you don’t have the art, literature, music, scientific discovery, traditions, and everything else that contributes to the glory of our civilization. It’s no surprise that in a multicultural age, many of the great “heroes” we are supposed to value now, like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, did nothing but rely on pity and an anti-White media to emotionally manipulate Whites into giving non-Whites the benefits of Western society.

But even with all that, there’s something to the Left’s charge. Identitarians and Europeans need to show the world that we are still the same people as our ancestors. The challenge for all of this year is to deserve victory, both by bettering ourselves as individuals and building institutions, businesses, tribes, and mutual aid societies that can improve our own lives in the here and now.

I am not in this movement because of some existential desire to define myself against the modern world. I am in it because I want to see real change within my lifetime and ensure a better world for my kids. And that can’t be utterly dependent on the prophecy of some sweeping ideological revolution.

At the risk of being simplistic, all of the complicated metapolitical and theological debate on the Alternative Right about what is wrong with White people boils down to one essential truth–Whites have lost a sense of their own racial identity. And all the talk about what the System is doing to us and who is doing it and how much Whites are complicit in their own destruction also ignores one simple truth. Whites are being targeted not because they are rich, conservative, Christian, or “American”–they are targeted for being White.

Meaningful resistance and political action requires the reassertion and rediscovery of White Identity. Our actions should be built on creating that in this world. Education is necessary but not sufficient because the other side holds the Megaphone. Ironically, I think the other side is doing a lot of the work for us.

The real problem is that we are, as Sam Francis observed years ago, “proletarians,” economically dispossessed and dependent on people who hate us. Countering that economic weapon and removing the fear of speaking out is the best thing we can do to allow White Identity to re-emerge.

One year ago, Jack Donovan advised:

Just start quietly building a community of like-minded men and women somewhere. Anywhere.
Don’t worry about creating some massive political movement or recruiting thousands or millions of people. Don’t worry about changing the state. Barbarians don’t worry about changing the state. That’s for men of the state — who believe in and belong to the State.
Shoot for 150 people. A small, close-knit community of people working together to become less dependent on the State and more dependent on each other.

This does not necessarily mean the Orania strategy (though I want to see that happen within my lifetime.) It means building groups of people committed to each other who can actively help each other get jobs, make connections, and become financially independent. The key group of people who need to start doing this are not just the independent workers or blue collar guys, but you college students who are reading this and thinking about your future. Building a tribe doesn’t necessarily mean renouncing the kind of career you want. There’s no reason this can’t be done by lawyers, government workers, or corporate managers. Anything to further hollow out the Hollow Empire and achieve a meaningful victory in the midst of a larger decline.

But aside from doing this, if this movement is going to get anywhere, I offer three New Year’s resolutions for Identitarians:

  1. No more infighting–at least publicly. People are going to disagree and people in this movement can be annoying. The problem with having a movement built upon people radically opposed to the status quo is that everyone wants to be in charge and no one can agree on what we are fighting for sometimes besides “I want a society where I get to be important.” But we simply can no longer afford the periodic blowups that make everyone look petty and foolish. If you disagree with someone, call them up and tell them why. Keep your criticism focused on the ideas, not the person. If someone attacks you, maybe it’s better to give your Aryan sense of honor a break for a second and just let it go. Acknowledge your own failings (I know I have many for which I can only ask my friends’ patience and absolution), be quick to forgive, and remember none of us are going to live forever. If you really can’t stand someone, do what you would do at work–ignore them except when you have to work together on a mutually profitable enterprise. If you think someone is honestly destructive and malevolent, then simply back away from them.
  2. Unless your livelihood depends on having a contrarian image, stop advertising your life online. Posting about how “no blacks better mess with me” or how tough and strong you are doesn’t do anything. Giving Mark Zuckerburg, the NSA, and every single potential employer detailed information on your political views isn’t helping. Posting a Facebook photo about how you are opposed to the System doesn’t do anything to weaken that System. It’s simply the equivalent of a girl making a duckface for the camera and fishing for compliments. You’re under occupation. Act like it. Keep your life offline and focus on building a family, a career, and a group of like-minded people to surround yourself with. Stop making it easy for the enemy.
  3. Become worthy of forging a new people. We as a race are going through an evolutionary transformation. White people as they are will not survive what’s coming, be it a collapse, a plague, or the long grinding rule of the Last Man. It falls to us to build solidarity among ourselves and serving the best within us. You no longer have the right to be fat, dependent, or weak. If you’re a man and have trouble attracting women, get out of the basement and learn game. If you’re a woman, put down the Mocha Cooke Crumble Frappachino and start thinking about getting a husband and having some kids. If you’re already ahead on the game on that front, find those who aren’t and help them. Go to a traditional church or join a heathen tribe. Find people that will hold you accountable. As in Douglas Hyde advises in Dedication and Leadership, demand the most out of the people you work with and out of yourself.

And if you really believe in this and want to see change, take a look at where you are spending your own resources, cut out the waste, and put it somewhere where it will make a difference. If self-described White Nationalists would put half of what they spend on beer and cigarettes towards the movement, we would have won by now. Set the example.

We are all in this together, whether we like it or not, whether we all like each other or not. Build the groundwork that we will need if “the collapse” comes or if it doesn’t. If we make our lives a victory amidst the ruins of a larger defeat, we may find in the end that the Ethnostate will come to us.

This year, speak little, do much.

I wish each of you success and happiness. Happy New Year.