The Identitarian Aesthetic in Europe

As we all know, our friends in Europe seem to be having a bit more success than us in popularizing White advocacy. Quite frankly, I suspect this has to do with them developing a very appealing aesthetic in several different respects. The survey below comes from numerous different Identitarian blogs and websites (most are French, but also Russians, Spaniards, Italians, and others get featured), and is a “best of” in terms of clothing, photography, design, etc.--perhaps we should take some notes.

Apparel for men:


From Atelier Parigot

Apparel for women:

From Atelier Parigot

Pamphlets, grafitti, etc:

“Be Happy

Be Fascist”

From Fascist Love Crew

Direct action:

From the official Généracion Identitaire

From Zentropista

Appropriating hipster style:

From Zentropista

Propaganda /Memes:

From ZentropaAthens

Appropriating “retro”:

From Fascist Love Crew

Among others, Welf Herfurth has advocated the need for ethno-nationalists to adopt a less formal, and even arguably “left-wing” style. More and more I am inclined to agree with him. While the talks given at any given American Renaissance conference may be excellent, legions of men in drab suits is far from inspiring. The same goes for what little pro-White public action that can be seen in the US, often characterized by anemic banners, poorly made signs, and bored looking activists:


From White Genocide Project

An entire movement consciously adopting an aesthetic is probably impossible, but we should know that on the other side of the Atlantic, the New Right is looking better.