Christmas Giving / 2016-17

There was a time when Christmas fundraisers were about the hope that “one day” our movement might make a major breakthrough.

Well, “one day” is today.

This Christmas, I’m not asking for a donation so that we might raise our profile. That’s already happened, in an amazing way.

The Alt Right and yours truly have become something like household names.

We’ve been denounced by Hillary Clinton . . . we’re even too hot for Donald Trump . . . I’ve been on the front page of the New York Times more than I can remember . . . hundreds of international journalists attend our press conferences . . . we’ve been parodied on Saturday Night Live . . . the L.A. Times called us “the first new philosophical competitor to liberalism since the fall of Communism” . . . on campus, I’m causing mass protests and rendering Rabbis speechless . . . three books (that I know) of are being written about the Alt Right phenomenon . . .

So much winning.

A year ago, if someone had told me all this happened, I never would have believed him.

The Left is permanently freaked out and can’t stop talking about us. The “conservatives,” who had denied our existence for for years, now recognize that we are displacing them. A new identity politics—one with us as its vanguard—is coming into being.

Yes, of course, so much of what has been said about the Alt Right and me has been negative, sometimes even slanderous. And believe me, the attacks have taken a personal toll.

But to view all this coverage as merely negative is to miss the point entirely.

We have been recognized. We are part of the conversation—indeed, we are driving it—and we will never return to the fringe. And attacks are the price that we must pay for making an impact.

Of course, the Alt Right is much bigger than me, NPI, and Radix; indeed, it would not have become a phenomenon if it were not a movement of many parts. But we are right at the center of everything that is happening, and I have emerged as the Alt Right’s chief representative.

The challenge now is to capitalize on our exposure and build lasting institutions.

NPI, Radix, and Washington Summit Publishers have a lot planned in 2017: books, essays, podcasts, and conferences—both large and small, public and private. And I’ll be talking more about these in the coming days.

But we have four grander objectives for 2017, which are going to put us on a new level.

We need your support to make these a reality.

1. A College Tour


My recent trip to Texas A&M was a watershed. We presented ourselves to young people in the best way possible; we made headlines around the world, and inspired conversations.

When Milo Yiannopoulos did his tour, he was greeted as if he were Richard Spencer—and not the love child of George Will and Boy George. When I go to campus, it’s the real deal: identity, race, the transformation of America.

I’ve been in contact with many people at major institutions who are eager to host similar events, as well as debates with professors, which could be a lot of fun.

I’ve created a page specifically for students, professors, administrators, and alumni who want to bring me to their campuses.

Each trip costs around $2,500 in terms of travel, hotels, scheduling media events, and, most important of all, security (we need a lot of security). I would also like to help Red Ice Radio attend each event for live streaming.

Let’s do at least five trips in 2017—and make a splash with each one!

2. Institutional Footprint


The Alt Right has had a tremendous impact with very little in the way of funding. I always thought that funding would come first, then exposure. But it’s happened the other way around.

This in itself bespeaks the power of our ideas. But, to be honest, the “Richard runs his institution off his laptop” remains a stigma. And the lack of a central hub for meetings, podcasting, recording, and video production is a real stumbling block.

Imagine a studio for creating better videos—even a kind of news show—and hosting podcasts. And imagine a studio that I would happily share with other content creators in our movement, helping everyone get better.

If the Alt Right is going to advance to the next stage in terms of impact and influence, it must exist in real life. We need a real headquarters (albeit one that is private in the beginning).

We are currently in the process of renting a really nice place in the Washington, DC, area. We need your help to make it a success.

3. Andrew Joyce


Due to my new commitments, I am simply unable to fulfill all of my duties as Editor of Radix. In my estimation, I can best serve our movement by focusing more on making public appearances and producing videos. That means that I need collaborators.

Andrew Joyce is one of the most intelligent men in our movement—someone who’s taught me many things. I’m honored to hand over the Editor-in-Chief position to him this month. He will be taking the lead, alongside Hannibal Bateman, in commissioning, editing, and writing. I’m not going anywhere, but it’s clear that the addition of Andrew makes Radix better.

Andrew is putting aside some professional commitments to do this. Indeed, I hope that by 2018, he could do Radix projects full time. For that to happen, we need your support.

4. Administrator


We’ve reached the limit of what I can do as one individual running an institution. I simply can’t keep up with editing . . . writing . . . producing . . . podcasting . . . fundraising . . . administrating . . . organizing events . . .

Indeed, the more time I spend on things like administration and organizing, the less I have for producing content, which is what I should be doing.

I need help. More specifically, I need people to take on the responsibility of managing tasks, media requests, and more.

Finding one person to become a leader alongside Bill Regnery and me—that is, to take a leap of faith and face the consequences—has proven quite difficult. However, it is possible for me to work with multiple people, who won’t be open but who will take the lead on fundraising, bookkeeping, event organizing etc. In my experience, it is quite important that they be paid, so that they become partners, and not just volunteers.

In Conclusion . . .

2016 was our breakthrough year. It wasn’t just the year of Donald Trump; it was the year of the Alt Right.

Let’s make 2017 the year we “go pro” and build institutions that last.