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TYR—Myth Culture Tradition

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Edited By Joshua Buckley and Michael Moynihan

Published annually, TYR celebrates the traditional myths, culture, and social institutions of pre-Christian, pre-modern Europe. It includes in-depth original articles, interviews, translations of essential works by radical traditionalist and anti-modern thinkers, as well as extensive reviews of books, films, music, and the arts.

In the fourth volume:

Alain de Benoist on "What is Religion?" Collin Cleary on "What is Odinism?" Nigel Pennick on "Traditional Time-Telling in Old England," Claude Lecouteux on "Garden Dwarves" and "Geiler von Kaiserberg and the Furious Army," Steve Harris on "Barbarian Suffering," Stephen Pollington on "Germanic Art in the First Millennium," Michael Moynihan on "Rockwell Kent's Northern Compass," and Christian Rätsch on "The Mead of Inspiration"; interviews with pioneering psychedelic explorer Ralph Metzner, Sequentia's Benjamin Bagby, and Cult of Youth's Sean Ragon; and much more.

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