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Race Differences in Intelligence

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By Richard Lynn

Second, Revised Edition

Through more than 50 years of academic research, Richard Lynn has distinguished himself as one of the world's preeminent authorities on intelligence, personality, and human biodiversity. Race Differences in Intelligence is his essential work on this most controversial and consequential topic. Covering more than 500 published studies that span 10 population groups, Lynn demonstrates both the validity of innate intelligence as well as its heritability across racial groups. The Second Edition (2015) has been revised and updated to reflect the latest research.

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RICHARD LYNN is Emeritus Professor of Psychology of the University of Ulster. He holds a PhD in Psychology from the University of Cambridge and has authored over 200 scholarly articles. His books include Dysgenics, Eugenics, Race Differences in Intelligence, and with Tatu Vanhanen,* IQ and the Wealth of Nations* and IQ and Global Inequality.

This is the definitive study . . . by the man who did more than anybody else to collect the extensive data.

—Prof. Helmuth Nyborg University of Aarhus, Denmark

Over the years, Lynn has made a number of important contributions to the field of intelligence. The present book, documenting global race differences in intelligence and analyzing how these have evolved, may be his crowning achievement.

—Prof. J. Philippe Ruston
University of Western Ontario