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Leviathan and Its Enemies [eBook]



Foreword by Fran Griffin

Introduction by Jerry Woodruff

Afterword by Paul E. Gottfried

Leviathan and Its Enemies is Samuel T. Francis’s magnum opus on political theory and the history of modern America, which was lost after his sudden and untimely death in 2005 and is published here for the first time.

This edition includes new introductory and critical essays by Jerry Woodruff, Fran Griffin, and Paul E. Gottfried.

In his Introduction, Jerry Woodruff writes, "Following [James] Burnham, Sam believed a new ruling elite emerged in 20th-century. . . . the growth of giant corporations, the expansion of government power and bureaucracy, and the widespread emergence of mass organizations gave birth to a powerful class of skilled professionals to guide and manage the vast operations of the means of economic production, which, on a smaller scale, were once in the hands of private entrepreneurs and their families. As a result, the old ruling bourgeois elite, along with its political and social institutions and its view of society and politics, were replaced by a new “managerial elite,” with a world outlook that set out to remake society according to its own interests, and which was hostile to any bourgeois remnants in conflict with that project.”

Note: This digital book is in ePub and Mobi formats. It is compatible with iPad and most eBook readers, including Kindle. 

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Leviathan ePub Cover.jpg