Hearts of Losers

Quick, answer this question:

When conservatives defeat liberals on the fight over tranny bathrooms, where are they planning their next tactical advance in World War T?

You know the answer. We all know the answer. Even the soft-faced quislings at National Review know the answer. They are not planning to win the fight over tranny bathrooms, and, should they actually win a major court decision by some miracle, there is no plan for advance, no next step.

My first memories of movement conservatism are of reading my father's copies of National Review as a high schooler during the Clinton administration. Going back two decades, I genuinely can't remember a single issue---abortion, socialized medicine, environmentalism, senior entitlements, the Iraq War, etc---where there was any serious discussion of a next step. Whenever "next" came up, it was always what the left's next advance would be and how we were going try to slow it down, or at least find a way to survive it. Victory? That wasn't part of the vocabulary.

The loser's heart is animated by a sincere faith that defeat is inevitable. In any contest, the loser plays only not to lose. When he loses, he feels the inevitable has occurred. When he wins, he knows that he has only momentarily staved off defeat. He always and only looks forward to his next loss. He cowers before attacks, he pleads against insult, and he whines when slandered. A loser is defeated from the moment he takes the field.

The winner, by contrast, looks forward to victory. When he wins, he's already planning his next move. Loss is merely a bump in the road, at worst an occasion to change plans before trying a new plan of attack. The only way to defeat a true winner is to utterly crush him.

This election has made it abundantly clear that the conservative and the establishment Republican have one thing in common: the hearts of losers. The reason Republicans have always been derided as merely slowing down the left is they never believed victory could ever be theirs, to begin with. Jeb Bush, who has the heart, mind, body, and soul of a loser, was just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out that the Republican Party is Jeb Bushes all the way down.

No doubt Donald Trump was thrown off his game by what in an incredible bunch of mendacious losers occupy the GOP and movement conservatism. He's never surrounded himself by mewling pukes, so it's unlikely he was prepared for just how pervasive the loser's heart is on the right, how worthless its institutions are, and how pathetic its spokesmen are.

Whether Trump wins or loses in November, one thing is clear: the entire leadership structure of the GOP---the party, the foundations, the magazines---must be purged. Everyone who has the heart of a loser needs to go. They've got to have no say in the future. After all, even they admit it was never theirs to begin with.