It's obvious that the leaked, decade-old audio of Donald Trump confirming that yes, he is, in fact, Donald Trump, was a planned hit job. But this wasn't a DNC-media complex hit job. No doubt they were alerted, of course, but all the signs point to this being a hit coordinated by the RNC and the Bush family.

Remember, the original plan for the November election was to have ¡Jeb! run against Hillary. The Bushes and Clintons socialize with each other, are backed by the same investment firms, direct federal business to the same contractors. We all know that the traditional RNC and DNC are just opposing factions of the same Party. Hillary's leaked Wall Street transcripts confirm this, as though her army of Bush people didn't make that obvious enough. Team Blue would be most comfortable losing to another Bush. The reverse was the same as well. Hillary-tier corruption is something the upper leadership of the GOP knows how to play ball with.

As the GOP field expanded, Rubio became Plan B. The Democrats had no Plan B, which is why Bernie's surprising popularity was met with such panic. Neither party's leadership wants to allow an actual populist anywhere near the levers of power, whether of the socialist or nationalist sort.

Now, if you believe that Jeb Bush's cousin had this tape for 11 years, but no one in the family knew about it until yesterday, you're a special kind of stupid who needs to stop reading Buzzfeed listicles. Of course they knew about it. The original plan was to use this to knock out Trump when he was the last man standing against ¡Jeb!, but it became obvious within about six hours of the primaries actually getting underway that no one was going to vote for George's uglier, dorkier brother. Li'l Marco imploded immediately afterward, meaning the Bushes' Plan B also failed.

If you remember the end of the primary, there were a number of articles written about how the GOPe loathed Ted Cruz as much or even more than Donald Trump. By the time we were halfway through the primaries, it was obvious that Trump was the favorite to win with Cruz as a long-shot second. Neither of those two men are people the Bush-Chamber of Commerce complex had any interest in risking the presidency too. Even though Cruz had less of a shot than The Donald, Hillary Clinton is such a toxic, vile witch that neither man was certain to lose on his own. And while Cruz is a craven opportunist, he had a vested political interest in actually implementing at least some of Trump's agenda that he had co-opted, such as actually securing the border. Plus, Cruz enjoys making leftists and centrists hate him.

No doubt the Bushes had dirt on Cruz, but everyone knows that nothing you have on Cruz is ever going to be as salacious as a good Trump story. That's why, at the Convention, the GOP moved aggressively to shut down #NeverTrump rules shenanigans, particularly the bit about unbinding delegates, many of whom were Cruz loyalists. There was a risk that they might actually work, Cruz would steal the nomination, and then the Party would be unable to take him down in time to ensure a Clinton victory.

The GOPe moved to block Ted Cruz's hail Mary pass, ensured Trump's nomination, and held onto this juicy piece for the right time to try and sink Trump. That's why this has all the appearance of a coordinated hit. The guys expressing their shock and horror are guys who knew Denny Hastert was fucking boys, didn't think Bawney Fwank's homo brothel was a big deal, and rented pussy from Deborah Palfrey. Paul Ryan's endorsement of Trump was obviously insincere from the beginning, and Jeb had canned outrage cued up and ready to go. The Republicans rescinding their endorsements are the usual suspects whose voting record shows they would rather have Clinton than Trump in charge even if our guy was still on his first wife, never viewed a porno, and waited until marriage.

I don't think Ted Cruz was in on it. Ted Cruz isn't in on things. Cruz is just sitting there, looking like a sad dupe, not knowing what's going on. If he pulls his endorsement, he's not going to be let into the GOP Klub 4 Kool Kidz. If he doesn't, his legions of Principled Suicide Cultists won't forgive him. His career is over. I wouldn't be surprised if the GOPe pressured him into this endorsement specifically so that he'd take maximum collateral damage when they dropped the tape.

The goal isn't to take out Trump on some quixotic quest to win with a True Conservative in 2020. That's #NeverTrump-level idiocy, and the Bushes aren't idiots. The goal is to stop saboteurs from screwing up this global world order they think they're just a few boatloads of Somali rapefugees away from perfecting, an order they want to be on top of regardless of which party wins. If Trump wins in November, both parties could be "ruined" by populists. A Trump victory would be a decisive rejection of the Wilsonian consensus that has dominated our ruling class for a century. Bushes and Clintons won't have control of anything. Instead, voters might decide who runs and who wins, and that's not something the globalist establishment is willing to risk.