Whoop, There He Is!

Gawker has uncovered another Obama identity scandal! That's clearly the future president in this rap video for Tag Team's 1993 hit, "Whoop There It Is." Isn't it? 

Turn to 1:01 of the full video. 

Who knows? There might actually be bit of truth to the Birthers' rumors... The Power Elite have got something on everyone, and perhaps this is what they've got on Obama. That said, I've long thought that the hysterical Left has been closest to the truth with regard to the real, racial motivations of the grassroots Birthers, as well as those who speculate that Obama is a crypto-Muslim: They feel in their guts that Obama is foreign, dangerous, not one of them -- an enemy even. It's hard to just, well, say that in public, and thus they weave stories about Constitutional eligibility and esoteric religious faiths. Needless to say, this latest one, in which Obama's a gold-chain wearing gansta, will bring out yet another aspect of his African-American identity in Americans' collective imagination.