Wholesome Machete

Red Phillips has noted that the new trailer for Machete is noticeably more wholesome:

I have seen two trailers for the movie Machete, one before Predators and one before The Expendables. Neither had any hint of the hate whitey element that characterized the “Arizona Edition” of the trailer that came out after Arizona passed their new immigration law. As I predicted at the time (see link above), that take on the movie was so inflammatory that it couldn’t help but alienate a sizable portion of its intended audience. I suspect some people recognized the push back that trailer caused and have sanitized the official version.

So that moviegoing Whites won't get spooked, Hollywood execs have apparently decided to depict "Machete" as a down-on-his-luck special agent with a heart of gold. One doesn't get the impression that the film has anything to do with immigration, race, and the assassination of a populist White senator.  

Arizona Edition: 

Heart-warming version:

To be honest, as much as Machete offends my aesthetic taste, I hope as many White Americans as possible get duped by the new trailer and go see this film. It might bring them closer to recognizing that the media and political establishment thinks of them as "the expendables."