Whitey Made Him Do It


As Steve Sailer has demonstrated, the Omar Thornton situation is mostly being treated in the media as a story of white racists thankfully being eradicated from this earth. It’s larger significance can be condensed into this one telling side-story -- the owner of the company that allegedly harbored evil white employees bent on the racial denigration of Omar Thornton had previously sued his hometown because it wasn’t adequately educating its African-American populace:

Hartford Distributors President Sued Bloomfield In 2006 To Improve Schools For Black Students
The Hartford Courant
August 5, 2010
By David Owens

MANCHESTER -- Ross Hollander, the president of the beer distributorship where eight people were shot and killed Tuesday by a worker who'd just been fired, brought a lawsuit in 2006 to force his hometown of Bloomfield to improve schools for its predominantly black student population.

The family of the gunman in Tuesday's rampage, Omar Thornton, has claimed Thornton suffered racial prejudice while working as a driver and warehouse worker at Hartford Distributors Inc. at 131 Chapel Road, Manchester. Thornton killed himself as police closed in.

Union officials have said Thornton brought no racism allegations to them and filed no complaints with any state or federal agencies. Police said they found no evidence to support claims by Thornton's friends and family that racial slurs or graffiti scrawled in the bathrooms at the family-owned business.

Union officials have said that the Hollander family would not have tolerated any racist conduct. The lawsuit, brought by Hollander, Lewis B. Rome and James Michel, came after Bloomfield's town attorney ruled that a referendum vote authorizing the expenditure of $94 million to improve the town's schools was invalid."

The current student population in the Bloomfield public schools is 88 percent African-American, six percent white and six percent other minority," the lawsuit states. "Given that African-American children in this country have historically been educated in substandard facilities, the May 23, 2006, referendum seeks to give children who traditionally have not had access to the same educational facilities as their suburban counterparts. Bloomfield has the opportunity to reverse this traditional disadvantage by enacting the referendum as passed, as it would provide for modern facilities now enjoyed by its suburban counterparts."

Bloomfield schools, Hollander and the others argued, "lack the infrastructure necessary to allow students access to modern educational technology, damaging students' chances of attaining those skills necessary to compete in a modern technological workplace."

A U.S. District Court judge in Bridgeport ruled that the town attorney's ruling was faulty and reinstated the referendum results."

These buildings are not capable of preparing our kids for the 21st Century," Hollander said after the court victory. "I hope the town fathers see this as an opportunity to step forward and do what they needed to do."

Attempts have been made to prove that racism pushed Mr. Thornton over the edge, which would apparently excuse the nine dead bodies, five of whom, Thornton told his mother on the phone, were but “dead racists.”

We are entering the dark days of what can ironically be called “Black Run America” (BRA), when the media has dictated a new hierarchy of crimes: the worst offense one can possibly be guilty of -- the crime from which no exoneration is possible -- is being a White racist.

In the case of the nine dead in Connecticut, the media has run with the story of a Black man being “discriminated” against as sufficient reason for engaging in wholesale slaughter.

In the world governed by BRA’s rules and edicts, it has now been shown that a mass-murder’s actions will be excused by playing the “but I just killed evil racists” card. The burden of proof now falls on the survivors to discredit such a heinous accusation.

Those who can see just grew exponentially.

Oh, and to the point of purported Black children having substandard educational opportunities: Black students do just as poorly in White schools (even when forced busing is mandated), and they do just as poorly when Black pupils receive outrageous allocation of resources per pupil.

And yes, they perform the same whether they are taught by Crusading White Pedagogues or over-eager Teach for America drones. The AP Test score breakdown among the differing racial groups illustrates this inconvenient truth all too well.