White Blindness in a Nutshell

In reading up on the latest Flash Mobs, I encountered two successive paragraphs from a local news report that encapsulate, almost perfectly, American Whites' willful blindness to what is happening to their country.    

The incidents Thursday night come as the State Fair board over the last decade has worked to increase diversity at the annual fair, expanding its entertainment lineup and marketing to appeal to a younger, more multicultural audience. Diversity was a priority for State Fair Park Chairman Martin Greenberg, who spoke often of making it "truly the people's park" - a "place of inclusion, not exclusion."

Thursday night's Main Stage performer was rapper MC Hammer, but a number of people who attended the concert said the show wasn't to blame at all for the disturbances at the fair. One woman said the crowd watching Hammer was mostly white and adult and any children there seemed to be with parents.

First, the State Fair board is shocked—shocked!—that sponsoring racial diversity"might actually increase racial tensions. Second, while Blacks were berserking in the streets, in a neighboring arena, White liberals calmly watched a hip-hop performance by an aging '90s rapper who, at this stage of his career, must be something akin to Cowboy Curtis from "Pee Wee Playhouse."