Many readers know Ron Unz as the publisher of the antiwar political magazine The American Conservative. (I discovered the publication in 2003, and found it to be the only mainstream organ on the American Right worth reading. Three years later, I had the opportunity to learn the journalist trade there, as an assistant editor.) Other readers, no doubt, remember Ron’s long essay on Hispanic crime from 2010, which was certainly outside-the-box and provocative, if not particularly cogent. (Jason Richwine critically examines Ron’s thesis here and here.)

Well, Ron Unz is back, with a new project that is a great service to us all. At Unz.org, he has made available, as free, downloadable PDFs, hundreds of important publications over the past century. These include magazines like The Smart Set (1900-1906) and The American Mercury (1924-1960). You can also find American Renaissance (1990-2011) and one of my favorite publications from the ‘90s, the Rothbard-Rockwell Report (1990-1998), which brought together the eponymous Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell as well Paul Gottfried, Sam Francis, Michael Levin, and others.

It’s all well worth a look.