Unreliable Narrators

In this second segment of our "Author to Author" audio series, Andy Nowicki speaks with legendary and acclaimed Southern writer Tito Perdue regarding Perdue's latest: a surreal racialist-themed sci-fi dystopic freak-out/comic romp entitled The Node.

Then Tito turns the tables and grills Andy concerning his book Under the Nihil, a paranoid fable which charts one man's mental and spiritual collapse and his subsequent descent into pharmaceutically-induced terrorism.

Node talk:

Nihil talk:

Purchase The Node at www.amazon.com/The-Node-Tito-Perdue/dp/1616583517 or at www.ninebandbooks.com

Purchase Under the Nihil at www.amazon.com/under-the-nihil/dp/B006PZ4IHK at www.counter-currents.com