The Shanghi Shore-What Assimilation Looks Like

TMZ reports

If this video is any indication, the new reality show "K-Town" -- billed as an Asian version of "Jersey Shore" -- will do for Asians what the original "JS" did for Italians. And that's not a good thing.

TMZ has obtained this cast reel for the new show -- which has only shot its pilot and hasn't been picked up by a network yet. There's definitely a Situation or two, a Snooki, a Pauly D type (who is most likely a club promoter, not a DJ) and their version of Jwoww goes by Jwao (kidding).

GTR for life.

For those who don't get the joke,the Italians on Jersey Shore say GTL, which stands for their daily routine of Gym Tan Laundry.

Hopefully at the clubs the women don't all leave their housemates for white guys.  Can we take that much truth?  From the looks of the video, however, it appears as if the male stars of the show will be masculine enough to hold their own.  Good thing too, as I've always sympathized with Asian men who say they're always portrayed as effeminate nerds.*  Of course, like all stereotypes this one is based truth but other minorities get proactive attempts to fight unflattering images.

Really, is America ready for this?  I suppose willing to have a program based on Asians behaving like degenerates, no media or didactic attempts to refute their negative stereotypes and casual ethnic jokes at their expense is about the best evidence for assimilation you'll ever get.



*To preemptively respond to a certain commentator, no, expressing sympathy for Asians doesn't mean I want to have them replace NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICANS .