The North Korean Menace Grows...


The other day, I wrote that it's getting harder and harder to find fictional movie villains that don't violate political correctness and that the only real country left you are allowed to use is North Korea.  I felt a brief pang of conscience after writing that.  "I'm being unfair," I thought.  “After all, the remake of Red Dawn at least has the Chinese as the invading force.”

Once again, I underestimated the amount of stupidity in the world.  Today comes the announcement that for fear of offending foreign consumers, the enemy in Red Dawn has been changed to—wait for it—North Korea.  All of the advance marketing for the movie, which was pretty extensive, is being completely redone. The film—which was already shot—is now being digitally altered. Fictional America is at war with North Korea.  Fictional America has always been at war with North Korea.  There wasn't even any protest from Chinese-Americans or the Chinese government.  They caved unilaterally. 

Of course, this also screws up the story.  A Chinese invasion in America could at least allow movie critics to write things like "the fact that this movie is even made suggests concern within the American subconscious about being displaced as the sole superpower."  Now the movie is just stupid.

At least a Soviet invasion during the 1980’s made some kind of sense. The only explanation here will be Evil. Even more than in the original, I expect the main targets of the invading force will be schools, unoccupied vehicles, unarmed children, and other key military targets.

As an aside, I note here that John Milius, who was the screenwriter for the original Red Dawn, also wrote the backstory for the new video game Homefront.  Homefrontallows you to fight in the "Second American Revolution," against the North Koreans that are occupying San Francisco for some reason.  It should be noted that the initial villain in Homefront was also the Chinese but that was changed too.

Alexander Dugin has said that North Korea must be supported because it is standing in opposition to the global American empire.  I agree it must be supported, but for a different reason.  If North Korea falls, we won't have a single actually existing country left we can use as a movie villain.