STIHIE: State-Sponsored Miscegenation Propaganda Videos

The following is an installment in AltRight's ongoing series “So This Is How It Ends” (STIHIE), which chronicles instances of decadence so advanced that one can only conclude and hope that we are living in a terminal stage of Western civilization.

This just might be the ultimate STIHIE video:

This clip, which offers a solution to Europe's "integration" problem, was produced by Swedish State Television (SVT) in its "Grotesco" series ... so, I guess it's propaganda with the plausible deniability of being "just a joke."  

I often think, or rather hope, that videos like this will produce the opposite of their intended effect. For it seems that the leftist, egalitarian worldview is so unnatural and life-denying that it can only produce disgusting, repugnant art and propaganda. Note that the "Latina" who was cast as the temptress of "Nazi Lars" (who, I surmise, is a stand-in for Sweden's young men) is an obese cow. Note, too, that the "boring" Ken and Barbie dolls are depicted as living comfortably together -- but after miscegenation and mass immigration come to town, their tranquil home gets ransacked and filled to capacity. I don't know how anyone could find these images even mildly seductive. 

And it's worth pointing out that race-mixing as a solution to racial strife has never worked -- indeed, it usually exacerbates matters. In the Haitian Revolution, after the French colonizers were overthrown, it was only a short time before calls were heard to "kill the Mulattoes!"