STIHIE: Hokey Indoctrination Skits

Another installment in our ongoing series “So This Is How It Ends” (STIHIE), which chronicles instances of decadence so advanced that one can only conclude and  hope that we are living in a terminal stage of Western civilization.

Item: Freshman Orientation at the Lutheran Gustavus Adolphus College (ELCA)

My guess is that the Midwestern parents who spent upwards of $35,000 per year to send their children to a Lutheran school thought that this kind of stuff only happened at Berkeley. 

Though perhaps I'm missing the "unintended consequences" of an orientation session like this... For in performing polymorphous perversity much like a high school production of Godspell, might this hapless acting troupe actually make homosexuality seem really, really uncool to newly arrived first years?  When the geeky guy started talking about the "beautiful, understanding" people who are atheists, I had the urge to join a monastery!