Sandra's New African Fashion Accessory

Sandra Bullock has acquired a new fashion accessory - an anti-racist accessory, designed to show the whole world her up-to-date political views. Also, I suspect, we're going to see a one-person adoption study that shows the relative contribution of genes and environment to life outcomes.

It might come as a surprise to Ms. Bullock that many blacks believe that whites shouldn't adopt black babies, some of them viewing it as "cultural genocide." For example,

On the Wednesday, March 3, World News on ABC, inspired by current efforts to adopt orphans in Haiti, correspondent Ron Claiborne filed a report promoting the view that black children may be harmed psychologically from being adopted and raised by white parents. Claiborne focused on the case of black filmmaker Phil Bertelsen who complains that "he and other black adoptees tell a similar tale, of feeling estranged, cut off from their own racial identity and culture."

Although, as Steve Sailer has written, this could fit "into a growing cultural trope that what black children need is to be taken away from their black parents for as much of their waking hours as possible and raised right."

And to top it all off, Ms. Bullock is now a "single mom." 

From Mangan's