Sandra Bullock: A Woman for Our Time

Sandra Bullock is People magazine's Woman of the Year

Having trouble remembering Bullock's devastating and sensitive filmic performance from this past year? Or even which movie she was in?   

Well, according to IMDb, Bullock appeared in a total of ... ZERO roles for the entirety of 2010.  

Was there some mistake? 

No. According to People,

For Sandra Bullock, 2010 was the year that changed everything: She became a mother to son Louis, ended her five-year marriage to Jesse James and reached new career heights with her emotional Oscar win for The Blind Side.

So, after being embraced by her peers for portraying a Southern Christian woman who brings a 300-pound Black into her family home and neglects her biological children on his behalf, Sandra got divorced, and then became a single mother by adopting an African orphan.  

This may be the first time a major magazine has given someone an award for living a politically correct private life.

Sandra's Baby