Same As It Ever Was

I’m terrible with predictions—especially about the future. But this is really only a matter of particulars. I’ve always gotten the Big Picture right. Indeed, one benefit of living in the Kali Yuga is predictability. As Andy and Alex have quipped, in the first days of the year, one can safely prophesy that . . . no drumroll, please . . .

  • The coming annum will include more race and/or homosexual scandals in which a major celebrity is forced to “apologize.”
  • More debt will be added to the pile.
  • The racial education, achievement, and IQ gaps will persist, despite the latest efforts.
  • The Culture Industry of the United States will produce a new zonked-out mulatto or good-girl-gone-bad chanteuse, whose auto-tuned artifacts will be so tasteless, so bereft of all redeeming value, that one will sincerely wish that the universe would soon be put out of its misery.

And that’s just January!

But since I conceived these predictions in the festive atmosphere New Year’s eve—and since no one has really held me to account for my wrong predictions of New Year’s past—let me throw out three particulars. 


1. Obama will start another Jonah Goldberg War...and it will eventuate into something bigger than a Jonah Goldberg War.

At the height of post-9/11 frenzy, National Review’s Jonah Goldberg outlined the the following “Doctrine”:

Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business.

(Goldberg actually attributed this to Michael Leedeen, but Steve Sailer is correct that the doctrine is best associated with Goldberg.)

Washington likes “Jonah Goldberg Wars,” in that they’re quick, America’s economic and military supremacy can be re-affirmed, and afterwards, our democratic representatives can pat themselves on the back for their service rendered to humanity. One should remember that the neocons sincerely thought and hoped that Iraq would be a Jonah Goldberg War, evidenced by their various “cakewalk” and “slam dunk” watchwords. And my guess is that attacking Syria or Iran will be considered a Jonah Goldberg War—one easily justified, easily won, and quickly forgotten. But it won’t be. Indeed, the ground will be laid for a future world conflict.


2. Barack Obama will be reelected.

The 2010 midterms brought racial structural voting to a new level, as the election itself expressed a racially divided country: 65 percent of Whites disapprove of Obama—70 percent “strongly disapprove”; three quarters of non-Whites support the president.

One could look at this and conclude that The Majority is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it anymore! (In other words, White people will vote in a Republican president.) 

But not so fast. Demographics are moving in Obama’s favor, and moreover, the GOP shows no signs of seeking to unite White Americans. Indeed, the Party’s current alternatives to the uninspiring Mitt Romney are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum—two loathsome, repellent Invade-the-World/Invite-the-World douchebags who will make Barack Obama seem reasonable by comparison.

And the numbers are important. As data analyzed by Ronald Brownstein confirms, Obama can have a reduced turnout of his non-White base, and substantially reduced White support, and still control a majority of states. (The key figures are here.)

Who knows what Obama’s reelection will mean? One might think that Obama in the White House will tend to unify the variations of the American Right, make them feel like they’re on the same GOP team against a “socialist.” At least, this is what happened over the past three years.

But I think something quite different might happen in 2013 and beyond, after Obama is reelected.

Liberals like to imagine themselves as the consummate underdogs, who Speak Truth to Power, Fight the System, stand up for the oppressed etc. Conservatives, on the other hand, like to believe that they are “the people,” the true representative of America. Both are deluded in their own way.

Since Obama was elected, conservatives have claimed, in one way or another, that the American people were tricked—that they didn’t know what kind of secular socialism they got themselves into—that they were lied to by the media. Once the people find out the truth—watch out!—they are bound to restore Truth, Justice, and the American Way (or in other words, vote Republican.)

But with Obama’s second terms, conservatives might take on a new tone, believing that they aren’t the nation, that in fact they are an embattled minority whose value are foreign to the masses of Third World newcomers imported into the country each year. It might begin to dawn on White America that democracy, like demography, isn’t moving in their direction.


3. A major financial tumult will occur . . . which will empower Washington and the American financial sector.

Something terrible will happen. “Hypothication”—that is, when banksters like John Corzine make bets using funds in their clients’ brokerage accounts (!)—is just beginning to rear its head as the new Weapon of Financial Destruction. And hypothication might be worse than the 2008 derivatives in that it brings into question the entire mechanism of the financial system. Perhaps the Euro will be toast in 2012—I won’t predict it, but it might happen. Perhaps a major country will default? If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come.

The point is that such catastrophes and bank-runs will still inspire people to buy the U.S. dollar as a “safe haven,” thus supporting the government and financial sector.

At some point, the dollar—and everything connected with it—will implode, spectacularly. But that will not happen in 2012. And until that day, from The System’s standpoint, worse is better. As the Periphery goes down, the Center is strengthened.