Michelle's Vacation in Whitey World

As Steve Sailer describes in America’s Half-Blood Prince, when Barack Obama paid a three-week visit to Europe in 1988 he came away “psychologically devastated.” The highlights of the continent that are available to anyone with a backpack and a Eurorail Pass only made Obama question his racial identity, real and imagine: Obama wrote of European culture, “It just wasn’t mine.”

Michelle Obama was marinated in the same Marxian “postcolonial” discourse as was her husband, yet it’s hard to imagine her becoming particularly pensive and conflicted during her recent visit to Southern Spain. My guess is that America’s “First Lady,” accompanied by her train of 40 “close friends,” acted much like the proverbial “Ugly American” writ large, roaming around city centers on a sangria buzz, gawking at various "must-sees," loudly speaking English, and frequently remarking to waiters about the conspicuous absence of ice cubes in the water brought to the table. Michele must have certainly been too busy living it up to ask questions about whether European culture were “hers” or not.

Michelle’s trip also reveals quite a bit about our current ruling elite -- and the fact that she and the president were willing to spend hundreds of thousands of the taxpayers' money on her security detail is the least of it. As Michelle departed for the continent, the U.S. State Department, which has moved beyond mere diplomacy and now concerns itself, almost exclusively, with social uplift, was issuing a “warning” on its website to African-Americans who, the agency deemed, were at risk of suffering “racism” in a country that until only recently was deprived of democracy and state-imposed cultrual pluralism. What a shame that all the best vacation spots are implicated in White Supremacism.