Major Interview with Kevin MacDonald

As part of a series of interviews I have been conducting elsewhere with dissidents involved with writing and publishing, I have conducted a major interview with Professor Kevin MacDonald. 

Much has been written about him, but all of it, and even what he has written about himself, has focused on his intellectual background and current thinking on ethnic competition, immigration, twentieth century Jewish intellectual movements, and Leftist bias in Western academia. I wanted to find out more about the man behind the monster. What is it like to be a controversial professor? What is he like as a person? What about his pre-academic life? In his replies, we discover many previously unknown facts about Professor MacDonald, we obtain something closer to a full-length portrait of the man, and are even treated to never-previously-seen photographic images from his past. Whether you are a friend or a foe, what you will find there will illuminate, enlighten, and entertain—not to mention shatter some popular misconceptions. You can read the interview here.