"La guerre contre terror n'a pas eu lieu"

We have officially entered a Baudrillardian bizarro world. Put before us now is silent video of a seemingly sickly and impoverished man, who is apparently Osama bin Laden, seated in a ransacked apartment watching cable-news reports on himself as a grand anarcho-terrorist mastermind.

As Srdja Trifkovic mentioned to me in an interview that will be posted soon, the media and political establishment's story has changed so many times, and the evidence and explanations it has issued have been so strange and ambiguous,  it seems more likely than not that Osama was in fact killed by American special forces on May 2, 2011. If his death were fabricated, then the establishment would have surely concocted a more plausible and consistent description of events--and been able to keep its story straight. 

What actully happened is something we won't learn for years.

But still...wasn't Osama bin Laden supposed to be left-handed