Google Censorship Continues

For all its posturing as a defender of free speech in China, Google English thus far has been caught censoring from its search prompts the phrases climategateIslam isEpic Beard Man and Pat Buchanan.  The pattern is unmistakable.

A few months ago I noticed that if you put "why are" into the search engine "why are black people so loud" was the first prompt.  I've been keeping an eye on the phrase and it had moved into first place when somebody simply types in "why."  My page is currently in second place on the results page.  I've been watching every day to see if I could overtake Stormfront and I still may.  

Apparently, word was getting out about how popular this search was.  Somebody left the following comment on my blog

I actually sumbled onto this website because of the “why black people are so loud” search..all I put in was “why” and that was the first prompt…I had to to search it just because it was so damn funny that that was the 1st thing that google popped up and I found this blog…I do have to say it is one the funniest things I’ve read on the internet in a long time..I’m not exactly sure what determines what google suggests first but if it is indeed popularity, and google is not incorrect, that would be incredibly funny. Funny, not surprising as black people are loud, but if that is truly the biggest “why” question in the US, our country as a whole really is going to end up failing just as some international scholars predict.

It had gotten to the point where a thousand people per day were finding my website through searches for "why are black people so loud" alone.  I made sure to put up a link to Race, Evolution and Behavior on the specific page and encouraged people to read it.  I wondered whether eventually all you would need was a w.  

In the back of my mind I knew that this state of affairs couldn't last, that my website being the second one under the first prompt of a "wh" question word was too good to be true.  And today, I awoke to find that "why are black people so" had been censored from Google.