Demand A Plan...

Remember Kony 2012? Well, we all know how well that viral, internet-driven, celebrity-endorsed campaign worked out.

Next up on the moronic, feel-good, meaningless message bandwagon is Demand a Plan, whose current manifestation is a video featuring a load of celebs (most of them unknown outside America) advocating gun control against a grey background of nebulous guilt, designed to creep up on the average, unthinking American while he's weighed down with turkey, eggnog, and the jaded sense of bloated consumerism that accompanies the festive season. Another key feature of the video is the repetitiveness of the message, the attempt to drum it in, rather in the style of brainwashing religious cults.

It should be noted that there is a growing hunger for simple, reductionist 'solutions' like this, which is probably driven by the increased "effective complexity" of the world as it impacts on each individual. This is something that is rising as social, moral, and political structures that once brought order, taxonomy, and compartmentalization to our vast and varied world are dismantled, eroded, or overridden by no-borders globalism and sweeping universalist myths. Quite frankly, we should expect a lot more of this in years to come.

But a feelgood Youtube video with a dopey, utopian endorsement of Big Government in a country trending towards race-war and/or tyranny is no substitute for the complex systems of the past that once modulated the effect of the world's complexity on individuals.

It is therefore heartening to see that one of the main contradictions underlying this disingenuous video has already been brilliantly exposed in a counter video (see video tab), which draws attention to the fact that most of the Demand a Plan celebrities have had no qualms about embracing "the culture of guns" when it could further their careers. How many of them would have even been in a position to participate in this act of po-faced preaching if in the past they had taken a "principled stand" against guns by refusing any role or TV appearance that involved guns?