Christmas at the End of Civilization

Words lose their meaning under our rulers, as with any other tyranny. Terms like “democracy” or “human rights” do not define a system of government or self evident qualities of mankind so much as serve as shorthand for progressive hegemony. If a state passes restrictions on immigration with massive popular approval, the media will describe it as an “anti-democratic” measure that violates “human rights.” However, if a national government openly bans a legitimate political party because they do not like the opinions of those in them, this will be described as an act in defense of “democracy.” This isn't incorrect. Democracy is, at its essence, the Church of Mediocrity Militant, and the fist of the system is no more apparent than in the mundane.

It's hard to think of anything more mundane or typical of modernity than Rihanna. At 23, she already boasts several Grammy's, almost a dozen top 100 hit songs, and most importantly, a role in the upcoming cinematic masterpiece Battleship(based on the board game). Rihanna also earned the coveted status of “victim” and “survivor” after her boyfriend at the time, Chris Brown, savagely beat her (after, it is rumored, she gave him herpes), and the resulting pictures were posted online. After a quick break, Brown was rewarded by earning millions singing songs about how many girls still want to sleep with him—after all, it's not like he said a racial slur. In his latest collaboration with the blue-eyed Cuban rapper “Pitbull,” Brown croons about how everyone in the Dominican Republic wants to immigrate to America.

Meanwhile, Rihanna doubled down on her image of promiscuity and vulgarity, flauntingly spending thousands of dollars at a sex shop in Paris, turning her concerts into barely concealed strip shows, and ensuring that your prepubescent daughter is singing songs about S&M, unless you live in an electronics-free cave. I should pause to note that she has also been officially named an “ambassador for tourism” for Barbados and is a “great source of national pride,” and so she is. While it's doubtful she's part of a one-world brainwashing scheme, Rihanna's vaguely mixed appearance (she was bullied for being “white” in Barbados) and auto-tuned, lowest common denominator, pop-urban schtick make her the perfect frontperson for global prolefeed. 

Alas, even in the brave new age, there is the eternal enemy waiting to be stamped out. Rihanna was ignominiously chased out of a field in Ireland by a Democratic Unionist Party alderman named Alan Graham after she took her clothes off in his fields. For his trouble, he was besieged by hate mail accusing him of religious bigotry. Rihanna also had a troubled encounter in Portugal recently, where she supposedly encountered a racist hotel guest who said that black women dress like sluts. (Why would he think that?) She responded by tweeting to her 11 million followers about “cunts,” made a thinly veiled reference to penis size, and admitted she screamed at him. Proudly, she proclaimed, “My nigga came out.”

Unfortunately, one law for them, another law for us. In the Dutch fashion magazine Jackie, an article about Rihanna referred to her as “Rihanna, the ultimate good girl gone bad” and stated she is “the ultimate niggabitch and displays that gladly.” Needless to say, all the powers of the Great and the Good leapt into action. Progressives around the world, taking a break from their usual duties of grinding down the working classes of Europe and America for the benefit of George Soros and Goldman Sachs, loosed the dogs of war.

A Black woman in Holland (not Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as she is now married Niall Ferguson busy working as a “fellow” at the American Enterprise Institute) sent the article to a progressive magazine in the United States to mobilize opinion. Within a short time, Eva Hoeke was out of a job. However, as Ayana Byrd of TheDaily Beast (and Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America) wrote, “she's just out of a job. But black women are out of a lot more, namely the chance to believe that we're seen as equals and deserving of more respect than a niggabitch could ever expect.” The Klan, lynchings, slavery, and plantation rape are also ritually invoked.

I pause here to note the significance of the word “nigga” as opposed to “nigger.” In one of the characteristic episodes that will be used by Chinese historians to judge our failed civilization, a White teacher at a high school called one of his student a “nigga” in failed attempt to relate. This resulted in the usual media frenzy and the even more priceless spectacle of the helpless teacher trying to explain himself to stern-faced black reporter-commissars. They did not buy his proposed distinction between the comradely meaning of “nigga,” as opposed to the abusive “nigger.” The Boondocks went on to parody the episode.  

The inquisitor Byrd sees no such distinctions and proclaims darkly (and absurdly) that this is a line that “even rappers don't cross.” She also bemoans the stereotype of the “hypersexual” Black female. She's wrong in that this isn't a stereotype callously applied—this is the deliberately crafted image created for Rihanna by her paymasters and nigga is the term she (and most other black entertainers) choose for themselves. Rihanna, whose singing (or any other) talents that are yet undiscovered, is rich because she has been intentionally presented as a hypersexual street walker that the left end of the bell curve can consume on iTunes because they don't have intelligence or control over time preference to download it for free. Eva Hoeke made the mistake of taking them at their word, using the term as a kind of compliment with a sprinkling of irony. When she was attacked, she duly prostrated and humiliated herself—to no avail. Now her life is destroyed, though this will still be dutifully noted as an example of “white privilege.”

Winston Churchill wrote that the greatest argument against democracy was a five-minute conversation with the average voter. Going further, the greatest argument for the most ruthless authoritarianism are the trending topics on twitter. Rihanna herself responded to the controversy, and she should be quoted in full.

@evajackie I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000’s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…‘NIGGA BITCH’?!….Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you…FUCK YOU!!!

Rihanna is, of course, right. This is the evolution of human rights. Politicians and citizens are put on trial for speech throughout Europe—Emma West is jailednationalist leaders are beaten in the streets—parties throughout Europe are banned—and the American federal government wages an unrelenting war on any sign of conservative (read White) resistance to demographic transformation.

“Human rights,” and all the other slogans, boil down to the creation of Whites as a criminal class. Strikingly, even Rihanna and her sub-literate Twitter followers have an understanding of “legit” public discourse that is not substantially different from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Southern Poverty Law Center, or for that matter, The Weekly Standard in its attacks on Ron Paul. It is simply understood, accepted, and outrightly defended that Whites are to shut up, pay money, make no jokes, and if you don't like it, fuck you. It's always heartwarming when mulattoes like Rihanna, Jeremiah Wright, or Eric Holder find their identity isn't it?

As one Dutch fashion reporter, who was almost certainly a down-the-line progressive anyway, has lost her job, so is the entity gearing up for an attack on Christmas in the progressive Netherlands. Dutch Christmas involves “Sinterklaas” using a servant called Zwarte Pieten (“Black Pete.”) In Surinam, he has already been banned. In the Netherlands, “activists” are starting their own campaign against racism, which will soon turn into a push for state power. An American journalist living in the Netherlands reported that Jessica Olien is also crusading against their traditions. With the assigned opinions of a typical Jezebel/Gawker/Huffington Post (the Rihannas of online journalism) writing about how the evil Whites at the Republican National Convention make her skin crawl and how smart Matt Damonis, she is now predictably championing one Quinsy Gario, a Women's Studies major who has unfortunately immigrated into the Netherlands and is now an “activist” against the Dutch. The specter of Andres Brevik is summoned, the de-rigueur link to Geert Wilders is announced, and there is the usual call for a one-sided “debate” that will end, as it always does, in the state repressing the nation. 

Be it in the banality of a junk culture's champions, the almost unintelligible online grunts of the more vibrant lumpen proletariat, or the subsidized theatrics of alien “activists,” even the daily rhythms of Western life grow increasingly obnoxious and oppressive as The Great Erasure proceeds. Popular culture and holiday traditions alike demand fresh sacrifices and humiliations as egalitarianism continues its march. As the double standards pile up and the economy declines, fewer will be capable to sing“I love the way you lie” to their masters, but they won't have the numbers to vote their way out. More than that, they won't have the vocabulary, as the shibboleths of democracy and “rights” will be even more strongly identified with the system that rules them. As contemporary pieties have trickled down to the plebeian, so will a new vocabulary of liberation have to be constructed from the bottom up to break this system and produce new cultural achievements in art, film, music, and literature.

Besides, take one listen to “Drink To That” and most will conclude that against the system that produces this, no sacrifice is too great nor any tactic too ruthless.

Vrolijk Kerstfeest! Merry Christmas to all.