California Gurls

If you’re in tune with pop culture at all, you’re aware of the catchy song “California Gurls” by Katy Perry.  If you watch the video though, you see that something isn’t exactly right with the way it portrays the young females you're likely to meet in the state.

Starting at 2:11 the “Gurls” are dancing.  The token black is of course given one of the two  prominent positions behind Perry.  Besides her there’s an Asian, five white women, what could be a Mestizo and the lead singer herself. 

So to represent the state we have six white women, a black, an Asian and a Mestizo.

That’s not the California of today, especially with regards to the proper age group to appear as extra babes in a music video.  Latinas make up a full fifty percent of California Gurls between the ages of 18 and 29. 

Taking account of demographic realities, I’ve rewritten Snoop Dogg’s last verse.

Dark damn

Fat and ready

Going downhill pretty steady

Wild wild West Coast

This is the race that’ll destroy the host

I mean the ones

I mean like the state is done

Feel it

Watch it

The plan of Unz

The elites are freaks

They give me the creeps

Welfare for each leech

I’m ok

There’s still Norway

Whites lost the state

It started with LA

Venice Beach

and Palm Springs

Racial IQ is everything

Come on boys

All those whites getting out

All those producers

Getting out

Mestizos, Afghanis, Iraqis

No whities

Just NAMs and graffiti

Katy my lady


Don’t be alone with Snoop baby.


Cause he’s all up on ya.

You the last white girl representin’ California