This Beats 40 Acres and a Mule

I wish the Curtis Bowen© episode were the equivalent of a lunatic who believes he's Napoleon. In fact, it represents the regnant ideology of our legal and governmental systems taken to its logical, absurd conclusion. A variation on the curtis-got-slapped theme is the billion-dollar settlement for "Black farmers" that was recently passed by the lame-duck Democratic Congress. (Paul Kersey has full coverage, as only he can.) It seems that 500 percent of all African-Americans who till the soil for a living are in line to receive direct payments... As Kersey blogs, Black people, as a group, are more likely to default on loans than any other race in America. It is thus entirely predictable that the Department of Agriculture would deny them subsidized loans more frequently than it did White farmers, even if--or, rather, especially if--it judged every loan application on an individual basis. Of course, in the mind of the leftist or fervent "Americanist," every person is an atomized, interchangeable unit, disconnected from all heritage, genetic and otherwise; any pattern that develops involving race--whether among farm loans, test scores, or crime--is determined a priori to be the product of an irrational "bias" that must be cleansed from the earth. Curtis© and the "Black farmers" episodes aren't isolated outrages, but steps towards a more perfect wealth redistribution using racial criteria.