Appetite for Destruction


If anyone doubted that the “anti-discrimination” racket is more motivated by a desire to crush their opponents' bones into dust than philanthropy toward the dispossessed, he need look no further than a two-year campaign to deprive a woman of her livelihood—which happens to involve helping minority children.

Cuban-born sugar billionaire Pepe Fanjul and his wife, Emilia, operate The Glades Academy, “a Florida charter school that aims to help poor black and Latino children.” In 2008, the Southern Poverty Law Center broke the word that the Fanjuls employ Chloe Black as Mr. Fanjul's executive assistant at Florida Crystals and Mrs. Fanjul's spokeswoman promoting the school.

They added that Chloe Black is the wife of Don Black, the proprietor of Stormfront.org, the web's first major website dedicated to white nationalism. He and their son Derek host a racially focused daily radio show on WPBR-1340 AM in Palm Beach County.

Chloe is also the ex-wife of David Duke, with whom she has two daughters.

Chloe's status as a gainfully employed, non-self-hating white woman was too much for Morris Dees' organization to take. The director of the $PLC's “intelligence project,” Mark Potok, beat the drums for her ouster. Potok said: “The SPLC’s role is not to make demands of the Fanjuls. But they have put as a front woman on this very worthy philanthropic project a woman who represents everything that is antithetical to this project. This is an untenable position.”

The Fanjuls agreed: it was not the SPLC's role to make demands of them. Mrs. Black kept her job.

The SPLC, which is not used to having its directives disregarded, recycled the story through a compliant media this fall. The SPLC's Heidi Beirich turned up the intensity as she kvetched:

Chloe Black is married to one of the most active white supremacists. We do not understand why she has not been fired by the Fanjul family. Her connections to white supremacists run so deep that it seems unthinkable that she work for a school for minority children.

The New York Post quoted two company sources that the Fanjuls believe being married to someone on the SPLC's enemies list and divorced from another is not grounds for dismissal. An anonymous source said, “Chloe had been with the company for 35 years when they found out about it, and she has always been a good employee. They don't agree with it, but they are not going to fire her.”

Chloe Black's vocation, helping foreigners educate blacks and Hispanics, is not wholly incompatible with white supremacism. The White Man's Burden has bidden many “to seek another's profit and work another's gain,” especially the refuse of the Third World.

And that is for all intents and purposes The Glades' clientele. The surrounding area of Pahokee, Florida, was nearly 30 percent Hispanic, 57 percent black, and had a median household income of about half the national average as of the last census. Fox News reports that the $PLC admits Black's work helps minorities—as the Southern Poverty Law Center once pretended its would, before turning to the more profitable ventures of fearmongering and fundraising. “According to the SPLC, 32 percent of Pahokee residents live in poverty,” according to Fox. “The Glades Academy project aims not only to educate the children in the area, but encourage graduates to give back to the community.”

There is no hard evidence Chloe Black is a white nationalist (although there is circumstantial evidence). Potok and company offered that Chloe had attended conferences for American Renaissance and the Council of Conservative Citizens with her family. Fox added, “SPLC could not prove that Chloe Black’s salary from Florida Crystals was going to support Stormfront.” Black wrote one e-mail to her local newspaper, ThePalm Beach Post, stating, “I am not involved with the Web site and do not agree with extremist or racially prejudiced views.”

The Fanjuls have earned the nation's praise as a family that will not bow to the menacing and intimidation of this well-financed lynch mob. The couple likes to refer to their company as “minority owned.” Nevertheless, according to Fanjul's Wikipedia entry, he is descended from “the Spaniard Andres Gomez-Mena who immigrated to Cuba in the 19th century and built up an empire of sugar mills and property by the time he died in 1910.” The experience endowed them with the ability to discern Communists more readily than the average NPR host.

Those who did not suffer through a Marxist revolution may as readily ascertain the $PLC's goals.They demand she be fired continually over several years because they fantasize about meting out death to all their opponents, envisioning the unreconstructed conservative unemployed, hungry, and soon dead in disgrace.