An Atmosphere of Hate

Since a militant queer activist attempted to storm the Family Research Council headquarters in Washington D.C. with a loaded gun last week (in the process managing only to wound a security guard rather than achieve maximum fundie-cide, as was surely his goal), the president of the conservative Christian outfit exploited the occasion to lash out mightily at the despicable and odious SPLC, which has labeled the FRC a "hate group" for their stance opposing gay marriage.


Put another way: who's hatin' now, sucka?

This is one of those moments of undeniably irresistable schadenfreude. I must admit, it's kind of neat to witness cultural Marxist rhetoric employed with such skillful, perhaps even gleeful, irony. It's delicious to see lefty humbuggery (assailing your enemy for creating an "atmosphere of hate," etc.) used to hoist lefty activists by their own petard.

On the other hand, stupid disengenuous rhetoric is stupid disengenuous rhetoric, no matter who uses it. Must we really imitate the adversary at his most insufferable in order to defeat him?