Untimely Observations

Whose Freedom?

I posted on my website the video that was going around the web of Muslims attacking a Swedish artist.  I just found the whole thing.


Previously I’d thought that the guy simply drew a picture of Muhammad and was assaulted.  Now I see that the Muslim prophet was put into some kind of gay collage.

Before seeing the video in its entirety I had the standard conservative opinion and saw this as a free speech issue.  But now I have to ask to other men of the Right, is this the kind of liberty you’re defending?  Would you respect Muslims more if they behaved more like Christian believers, who watch images of the most revered figures of their faith soaked in urine and feces while sitting on their hands?

Of course Muslims should’ve never been let into the West but that’s not the issue here.  If we’re not going to take an explicitly anti-religion stance, then I think we’d appreciate it if Christians had the guts to shut down any production that portrayed their savior as a homosexual regardless of legal niceties.  And if we wouldn’t blame Christians for reacting violently to such blatant provocation then we can’t hold this episode against Muslims either.  As a matter of fact, they're the only ones a true traditionalist would sympathize with in this video.