Untimely Observations

White Women, Dark Children


Why are American white women so anxious to adopt a “dusky little heathen” child from the Third World?

It’s the latest fad of the White Woman Saviour, and it carries high status. A white American women must adopt a Third World child (preferably a non-white) to really keep up with the savior image. It’s a grand American tradition, dating back to the early 19th century Christian missions. Only today, you don’t have to be Christian at all. You just have to be white, female, (and preferably single). Look at Laura Ingraham, famous “conservative” radio talk show host. One child (Maria, a Guatamalan girl) wasn’t enough. She had to adopt a Russian boy, Dmitri.

So what are the real issues involved is this social phenomenon?

White women are obviously still operating on the grand old Christian missionary template. But what about the “single mom” bit? Is that an extra, thrown in to aggrandize the nobility of motherhood? Is that about self or about the child? What happened to the father figure? Is that not important any more? Ingraham is quite forthright about her Christianity (Catholic). Is the father figure not in that picture?

And why the craze for foreign babies? America has plenty of “home grown” infants and children available. Shouldn’t an American patriot mother’s first concern be for American babies? Why the rush to bring alien children here? Are Third World (or even European) countries anxiously adopting American children? Of course not. Let’s be honest: America is the dream country. America is where everyone wants to come. America is the place they want their children to come.

Angelina Jolie really dramatized the role of the American white woman savior grabbing up the darkest, blackest babies, from deepest, darkest, most miserable Africa (as well as Cambodian, Vietnamese, and possibly Syrian). She and Madonna. That’s the extreme, of course. That is the zenith of the white woman savior image. Shall we not ask, however, why she didn’t adopt an American Negro child, if race was the issue? Or why not simply adopt an American white child? Is there something wrong with that? Or, is it not dramatic enough to suit the heroic vision of self-importanc? Do these white women have any knowledge, or even concern, about the foreign child’s present and future feelings, or the adopted child’s psychological development?

It is difficult to avoid the immediate conclusion that these American white woman saviors are acting out their own sense of superiority and advantage. (Some might say, guilt, but, that’s not too likely.) They are romatically reaching out to the farthest corners of the globe to save a desperately lost and innocent child. What could be more noble, more heroic, more American? (Key focus here is on “noble”, and “heroic,” that is to say, on the woman’s feelings.)

Alas, it doesn’t always work out so well. One white woman savior family in Shelbyville, Tennessee figured they got a bad deal, and sent their little alien angel back to Siberia. Russia threatens to suspend all American adoptions? Please! A great blessing it would be. What do we need 61,600 Russian kids over here for? What about the American kids that need adoption? May all foreign countries quickly follow Russia’s suit. No more non-American babies adopted by Americans!

This whole international adoption routine is all a social status scheme. It insults all countries, who love to hate America anyway– while obviously trying to take every possible advantage of America. Americans disgrace America when they fall into this flesh fad of adopting foreigners. Sure, there are some wonderful stories. Fairy tale stories. It truly is a splendorous dream, and it has worked out beautifully in some cases, or certainly as well as anyone could ever expect when a child is taken from its home and put in another, foreign home, and of a dramatically different race.

But that’s not really the point. This is about nationalism, or, we should say, patriotism versus individualism. The individual fantasy can, unfortunately, often override the good of the community, or the country. It is as if a white woman savior sees America as the best nest of the world, and she wants to bring up the worst of the worst here. This makes her feel, in fact, patriotic. What more noble thing could an American white woman do? Yet, objectively, in terms of the America, this “customary” call for the world’s most unfortunate needs to be reevaluated–especially when there are American-born children in dire straights. Is it less patriotic for an American woman to reach out to Americans?

I think we can dispense with the foreign vision at this point. Our Kenyan President has certainly reduced the American image to one disdained, having offended just about every important country in the world, and having done little or nothing for those in greatest need. Barry “Obama” Soetoro, as the great Black Father has done everything he can to denigrate America (and glorify himself), so that foreign countries see America only as a free ticket to a home, a Cadillac, and a college education–while these things must be denied white Americans.

Madonna and child

America has had enough of foreigners. Take it from an Indian. It is time to close the doors. Nationhood demands it. No one would ever expect a Kenyan to become tribal chairman of the Arapaho, or a Nigerian to become chief of the Cheyenne. No one would expect a Saudi Arabian to become Prime Minister of Israel. Yes, an alien, lying black African became president of the United States–but that’s only because of the white liberal Communist traitors manipulating their way into power. It isn’t because it was the right, moral thing to do. It was an Oedipal thing to do. It was, collectively, a Freudian thing to do, perverted, self-destructive, and uneducated.

I say American white woman should adopt American white children. This business of bringing in the “dusky little heathen” is racism. It is an incredibly careless, selfish move, actually. It is bad for the child, and for the country. Yes, it is a noble instinct in the American white woman. It truly is. But, it is gone awry at this point, and needs advice and guidance.

Perhaps the white race needs some humility at this point. The white woman should honor her own white race. Does she feel above race? Does she really feel so suprior to other races as to save them? I say her white “racial” capital has used up. She needs to love her own race. If she doesn’t, she is a curse to the country. Beware.