Untimely Observations

Those Violent Fanatics…On the Left

Michael C. Moynihan at Reason has recently questioned some of the biased, hysterical violations of Godwin's Law over at The New York Times. Democratic Party cheerleaders Frank Rich and Paul Krugman have been tossing around Nazi comparisons whenever they fret about the "racist" Tea Party Movement, all because some windows got broken and one (or possibly two) naughty words were shouted.

For a touch of perspective, here's a bit of local news that probably didn't make the national headlines...

Jesse Jackson recently visited Portland, Oregon for the second time in a month or so. He was invited by stumptown's leftist gay mayor, Sam Adams, to stir up speak on community outrage concerning the recent police shootings of two mentally disturbed men. One of the men was homeless, covered in blood and wielding a blade when he was shot. In both cases, the police probably misjudged the situation, but we're not talking about police shooting little old ladies, bankers or boy scouts here.

There have been a string of protests downtown in response to the shootings. Several of the demonstrations were attended by a masked group of leftist anarchists ominously known as the "Black Bloc."

- One protester threw a bicycle at police.

- Four officers were hurt.

- Windows at a bank were smashed.

- The police union headquarters was suspiciously vandalized.

- "protesters shouted, "Get those animals off those horses," referring to the mounted police."

- Police were called "pigs" and "murderers."

So far, police have arrested:

- Kyle Michael Treier, 25, charged with interfering with police, resisting arrest, harassment.

- Jordon Armisted, 19, charged with resisting arrest, interfering with police, possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana.

- Clifford Andrew Richardson, 24, charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, interfering with police, harassment.

- Saul Bellamy Foster, 19, charged with assaulting a police officer, interfering with police.

- Zachery Joseph Mason, 19, charged with interfering with police.

- Kenneth Ryan Symonds, 23, charged with interfering with police, disorderly conduct.

- Mathew Chapin Miller, 28, charged with criminal mischief, riot.

- Tanner Swick, 19, charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, interfering with police.

And writers for The New York Times are concerned about extremism in the Tea Party Movement?

Where are the hand-wringing comparisons to the bloody Russian revolution? The Red Army Faction? The Symbionese Liberation Army? Chairman Mao's murder of millions?

Oh no...these are just "protesters" exercising their right to Freedom of Speech. Nothing to see here, folks.

It's the right that is full of violent extremists...