Untimely Observations

The Soul of Western Man


The contentious reaction to Liddell’s satirical article has provided us with a unique opportunity to reconsider our strategy as a revolutionary movement.

I usually enjoy Liddell’s intelligent writing, but I agree with critics that he failed in this case to promote our cause. The exact meaning of his article was not easily indiscernible, and he may have frightened away visitors without offering anything substantial to compensate for this loss. Truly, there must be a better way to electrify our audience without sending newcomers running to the hills.

Those who spoke in Liddell’s defense argued that it would be a mistake to abandon our beliefs in order to attract members of the leftist herd. Liddell himself has urged us not to let the PC mob dictate our parameters.  I agree with these cautionary assessments, but if we are to be an effective vanguard rather than just another White Nationalist website, then we must strive to present our ideas in ways that can appeal to potential recruits who are still straddling the fence. Many of us once sat there. Have you asked yourself lately what brought you down from that fence and guided you to where you are today?

For the majority of us, I suspect our journey began with an intuitive recognition that something was not quite right with the world . . . and likely something was deeply wrong with it.  

Indeed, our first unconscious step towards the alternative Right was probably living though experiences that bore no resemble to the multicultural paradise promised to us by the prophets of liberalism. These “moments of awakening” compelled us to question the egalitarian orthodoxy and seek answers outside the mainstream sources of information.

Our intellectual journey carried us across the Internet and led us through the pages of the numerous books we ordered from Amazon. The insatiable thirst we had for alternative sources of knowledge eventually led us to the writings of men like Buchanan, Francis, Gottfried, and Brimelow . . . and then Evola, Nietzsche, Schmitt, and beyond. At last, we had found the answers we were looking for. At last, we had found voices that were courageous enough to speak honestly about the world. And it was not anything flashy, provocative, or “sexed-up” that made us continue to read the writings of these great men. On the contrary, we found their arguments to be articulate, dignified, and erudite. They satisfied our yearning for truth and they spoke to our noble souls. 

If we are to maintain our established cadre of regulars and expand our movement with new members who share our interests and beliefs—then this is how we must do so—by appealing to the noble qualities of Western Man that have enabled us to stand above the other civilizations of men.

Perhaps I am overestimating what AlternativeRight.com is capable of doing. It may be impossible to churn out as many articles as we do every week and always reach our audience on a deeper spiritual level. Maybe this is even undesirable, as writing of this caliber might not interest readers who crave something more humorous, playful, or provocatively rhetorical. But I believe we sell our audience short if we think frivolous writing is what they really want when they visit this website. More importantly, we sell our revolution short.

If we are to remain a serious movement, then we must appeal to serious men with the same type of meaningful writing that attracted us to the alternative Right. In other words, we must speak to men’s souls with the solemn voice of truth, dignity, and self-respect.