Untimely Observations

The Inevitability of Gay Marriage

David Boies is the kind of person who’s much celebrated and admired in our culture. He’s a politically connected Superlawyer who hasn’t produced anything of value for society (with the possible exception of his bestselling autobiography), but who is deft and skilled at manipulating people.

Boies has now became even more of a hero of the Left-liberal set after he teamed up with former Solicitor General Ted Olson (Boies’s Republican opposition in Bush vs. Gore) and successfully convinced a California judge to overturn Proposition 8, which had banned “gay marriage.”

In this video from earlier this summer, Boises explains how he was able turn all of Prop 8’s supporters into “gay marriage” advocates by asking them a series of “very simple questions.” These amounted to hokey, utilitarian First Principles like “Does marriage help children?” “Does it hurt people not to get married [economically and psychologically]?” etc.

Boies then proceeded to the knockout punch:

Isn’t America about equality? Don’t we want equality for all our citizens? These are questions it’s hard to answer “no” to.

American conservatives, of course, can’t answer “no” because they’ve bought into the Cold War liberal vision of their country as an egalitarian melting pot whose highest moral achievement was the Civil Rights Act.

Until conservatives can forthrightly reply “NO!,” they will continue to lose cultural wars like this one.  Moral and visceral disgust at the prospect of men “marrying” one another is not enough if you’ve already surrendered your mind to the Left’s logic and basic assumptions.