Untimely Observations

The Dark Side of "Game"


The concept of “Game” has been much discussed over the last few years in the altRight blogosphere. For those unfamiliar with Game, it is perhaps most commonly defined as the (crimson) art of picking up women. But at a deeper level, it involves accepting that there are genetically determined rules of attraction and that both women and men are hard wired to compete in the sexual marketplace.

Pick Up Artists (PUAs) manipulate these rules to score with lots of women through a sort of sexual jiujitsu whereby women are made to chase the men who desire them. Entering the best known of the Game blogs—Chateau Hartiste (formerly known as Roissy)—is to enter a world of “alphas,” “negging,” “white knighting,” “day game,” and other terms unfamiliar to most people.

As if this is not controversial enough, Game presents other insights such as the fact the women lie about and for sex, women universally desire alpha males over beta males, women very easily cheat with alpha males, and other unflattering aspects of the female psyche.

For the most part, the young altRight male writers realize there is much truth to the Game concept—but stop short of advocating what they perceive as a hedonistic lifestyle.

Paul Kersey, the talented and prolific young writer of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, puts it best:

I tried to live the Roissy lifestyle, well, I did live that lifestyle. The stories I could share... and I have nothing to show for it.…

Chasing after girls is fun, just as going on that first date with a girl is an enjoyable experience where endless vistas of possibilities potentially await you.

But on a day like Father's Day, I remember how my siblings and I would run into my parents room and give my dad breakfast in bed and the joy he'd have in his eyes.

Roissy (a writer I enjoy reading) and a lot of people believe bedding a ton of random chicks is a revolutionary act in a world dedicated to promoting and celebrating abnormalities. It's on this Father's Day in 2011 that I realize the truly revolutionary act is being a committed father.

As someone who became a father later in life, I can second this emotion. Most people cannot see a hedonistic lifestyle though to the end. Eventually, age takes its toll and clubbing and picking up women loses its appeal as friends and siblings have children and “something to show for it.”

But a second—and deeper—meaning of Game relates to the balance of power between the sexes. PUAs such as Roissy, Roosh, Ferdinand Bardamu and others realize that feminism is more than just an annoyance. This hate-filled ideology has dramatically skewed family life and the legal system in most of the West—and has destroyed countless lives.

An example of how deeply and uncritically feminism has infested every aspect of society appeared in—of all places—Details magazine. A perfect specimen of SWPL trendiness, Details is mostly read by metrosexuals eager to be told what music they should be listening to, what clothes they should wear, and what restaurants they should be dining in to stay au courant.

But the June 2011 issue of Details contained an article called “The Stigma,” which told the tale of Kevin Driscoll, a young Oregon man falsely accused of rape.

In January 2009, Driscoll, 30, had a one-night stand with a woman he picked up at a Redmond, Oregon bar. The sex was consensual and he figured he would never see her again. But a few days later, while driving with his fiancé, he was pulled over by several police cars and arrested on charges of first degree rape.

This was the beginning of an ordeal that would cost him his fiancé, his job, his house, his savings, his reputation, and most of his friends.

During the interrogation, police acted as if he was already guilty. For two and a half hours they grilled him, though Driscoll kept insisting—to no avail—the sex was consensual. He was cuffed and charged with three counts of first degree rape and several other charges and his bail was set at $1 million.

A few days after his arrest, Driscoll lost his $80,000 a year job at the Federal Aviation Administration. Then his fiancé left him. His name and address were all over the local news.

He was targeted in prison, where rapists are deemed the lowest of the low. Several inmates attempted to fight him in the halls and showers. The 6’5, 230 pound Driscoll was able to handle himself. But what would have happened to an average sized man?

Eventually, a judge reduced his bail to $50,000 and released him under the condition he move in with his mother. His mother had to quit her job to supervise her son. Most of his friends had deserted him.

Driscoll thought he caught a break when his brother recovered security tapes from the night in question. The tapes showed that the woman engaged in sex acts with yet another man in the group that had come back to party at Driscoll’s house. The man later testified that he also had sex with the accuser that night.

The tapes blew major holes in the woman’s case, but a judge refused to let them be shown, citing rape shield laws, another blessing of feminist justice.

“That was the moment I lost all hope,” Driscoll said. “How could any human take this much information and throw it aside?

The first trial ended in a hung jury. A second jury later cleared him of all charges. A main piece of evidence was an interrogation tape showing a shirtless Driscoll with no scratches or bruises on him. “If she had done all that fighting and scratching, why didn’t he have any marks,” commented one female juror after the case.

All told, Driscoll spent $120,000 defending himself and remains $50,000 in debt. His mother was forced into bankruptcy as she had to quit her job and supervise her son while out on bail. He lost 35 pounds and rarely sleeps more than 4 hours a night due to his ordeal.

Not a thing happened to his accuser, who still drives happily around town in a Mercedes. She apparently panicked at the thought of her boyfriend finding out she was cheating on him, so she made up a story that could have cost Driscoll a life in prison.

How many women make up stories like this? Some men’s rights groups claim that about half of rape accusations are false. Even if the number lower, what does that say about the nature of women? What does it say about a society that assumes men accused of rape are guilty? Why are there never any charges against the false female accusers?

Driscoll lived through every man’s nightmare. But what about the ones who are not so lucky?

We can see the typical female compassion to this destruction of a life in a letter printed in the September 2011 Details from a harridan named Eleanor Grakauskas:

The justice system is severely flawed, and being accused of a crime one did not commit is horrible. However, Kevin Driscoll may not be a rapist but he is certainly an idiot. Someone should remind Driscoll that the hell he lives in was all his own doing. He has no one to blame for his poor choices but himself.… Driscoll needs to stop focusing on how he is a victim and accept responsibility for his role in this nightmare.

Got that? Not a word of compassion for a man whose life was ruined and almost destroyed completely. Not a word of blame or anger against the false female accuser. Not even a thought that she was also cheating on her boyfriend. Driscoll “may not be a rapist,” but he is responsible for what this woman did to him.

Game is needed because of the likes of the false accuser and her enablers such as Eleanor Grakauskas. These specimens are inhuman, and people who think like them set the standards of sexual justice in society.

Game lays bare the fact that women are not sweet, innocent beings just longing for a nice relationship with a good guy. Devious urges, sharp jealousies, and the will to sexual power lurk in the hearts and minds of women.

As more men grasp the concepts of Game, they are learning about the true nature of women as well. If it helps them score with girls, that is fine. But if more men learn about the warped balance of sexual power in society then we can perhaps begin to deconstruct the cancer of feminism that infects the entire culture and legal system and threatens the lives of all men.