Untimely Observations

The Columbine Pilgrim

Andy Nowicki's new novella, The Columbine Pilgrim, has just been published by Counter-Currents, and I recommend it to all AltRight readers (though not to the faint of heart...) 

Andy was nice enough to ask me to blurb his book; here's what I wrote: 

Tony Meander has a 'grudge against life.' And in his struggle to overcome the mediocrity and passive nihilism of the modern world, he descends into the furious, infantile, and sadistic hell of the guillotine and torture chamber, in which “Wrath Makes Right” and “Ich bin Gott.” Evoking Poe, Nietzsche, and Boyd Rice (among many others), Andy Nowicki tells a tale that’s as grotesque and morbidly funny as it is disturbing and thought-provoking. Tony Meander won’t be leaving my imagination, for better and for worse.

Andy has always amazed me with his bravery as a writer and willingness to "go there" (to borrow one of our age's favorite utterances.) He has written a book that, in moments, reads like adolescent "gore porn"; in others, like a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy; in others, like Notes From Underground; and it all ends (believe it or not!) with a glimmer of human redemption. Few are able and willing to write a "poem unlimited" for fin-de-siecle America. Andy has done it. 

Andy has also created a great video to accompany the book.