Untimely Observations

Slur As Opportunity

One of the few edifying things about the tapoica-brained fruitcake in Arizona making the news: I smell fear. I don't think ordinary people in this country are afraid, but I'm pretty sure the ruling class are soiling their hormone-free recyclable underthingees.   Ramussen agrees with me as to the mental state of the political class:

The gap between the Political Class and Mainstream voters on this question is enormous. While 76% of Political Class voters are concerned that opponents of Obama’s policies will turn to violence, 60% of those in the Mainstream are not very or not at all concerned.

More than 75% of voters now believe the U.S. government lacks the “consent of the governed,” a foundational principle of the American political experiment.


How else can you explain IRA terrorist-lovin' "conservative" Peter King's preposterous Marie Antionette proposal? How else can you explain both the ADL and ... the SPLC of all groups coming to the defense of Jared Taylor and American Renaissance? Could it be these groups have realized that open debate with a man like Jared Taylor is a losing game? Their defence of Mr. Taylor is actually quite clever: had they done the predictable thing and gone after him and his organization, they would have generated considerable sympathy and almost entirely favorable publicity for Mr. Taylor's organization. One might even speculate that this story was planted by a sympathizer in Fox News to drum up sympathy and publicity for AR. Certainly that has been the ultimate effect; even though the neocons keep up their slurs ... they're forced to acknowledge and defend the "far right." Doubtless many curious people will have a look over there; I hope AR has their best foot forward.

Fear makes people do stupid things, like accuse innocent people. While the natural thing to do is to defend AmRen and Mr. Taylor from these slurs, really, now is the time to go on the offensive. If I were Jared Taylor, I'd take advantage of this bad publicity to get his message out. I'm no political strategist, but I've done some martial arts, and the right thing to do to a frightened and confused opponent is to overwhelm them. It's not a gentlemanly thing to do, but it is what you need to do to win. What does this mean, practically speaking? The left is presently busy hyperventilating over Sarah Palin; I wouldn't want to interrupt them when they're having one of those, um, personal moments. Go after the neocons: get the attention of their followers. The neocons are the ones who just dropped the microphone. The left is helping: let 'em help -their days are numbered anyway. Professor Gottfried has recently been doing a splendid job of pointing out the unbelievable vapidity of authorized "conservatives" like Jonah Goldberg and Rich Lowry -we need to do more of this, if we're going to peel away their supporters who don't realize there are actual alternatives to the media authorized nincompoops who claim to speak for them.