Untimely Observations

Race War?


I give mad props to Thomas Sowell. His book The Vision of the Annointed helped bring me to a huge intellectual epiphany years ago, assisting to a great extent my departure from the plantation of politically-correct Liberal-Leftist lunacy.

Now Sowell has written with clarity and insight about the media's general unwillingness to cover Black-on-White crime, and his work has been published in National Review Online, of all places!


That Sowell and Youth for Western Civilization's Kyle Rogers (see below article, "The Color of Crime") are arguing essentially the same thing isn't too extraordinary, I suppose. The fact that Sowell is himself Black probably explains why Rich Lowry felt he was safe in running the piece two weeks after canning Derb for the latter's racial insensitivity. Still and all, it's a fine piece: indisputably true, and worth a look.