Untimely Observations

Print the Legend


Though I've generally enjoyed the free publicity for my fledging webzine offered by FrumForum, this latest blog really marks a new low in smear. I'd be happy to have a debate with anyone about why African countries fail, but I'm not going to respond to anything mentioned in this blog because Alex Knepper is simply putting words into my mouth. One can't just conjure up a figure who sounds like Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby and attribute his words to me (with quotation marks and a full narration no less) because Knepper thinks that it's the kind of thing an "intellectual coward" like me would say. You can't just make stuff up. Some might call this slander, though luckily, I'm a soft-hearted type who'll overlook Mr. Knepper's irresponsibility on account of his youth. I would have thought, however, that even David Frum would have demurred from publishing this piece of garbage at his website.

I'll add that there's nothing about Knepper's Horatio Alger version of European and American history that leads me to believe that he "know[s] the first thing about the West." Class and hierarchy have informed society from the beginning, and even in post-Enlightenment, "individualist" America, political sovereignty is based on the populace ("We The People"). (I don't want to go into this any more, because it's so obvious.) And though Knepper calls me a "collectivist," I guarantee that one can find more advocacy of human freedom in AltRight then in the wonkish, triangulating FrumForum.

PS -- Though I enjoyed the presentation of myself as "fairly tough," unfortunately I have rarely been able to rely on thuggish intimidation and usually have to make recourse to rational arguments -- for now!