Untimely Observations

Paleos for Black Marxists

This blurb is up at The American Conservative.

The World Cup kicks off in two days, with South Africa playing host to the highlight of the soccer season. In Foreign Policy, Nicholas Griffin details how the game helped end apartheid in the country and continues to ease racial tensions—though it also shows how much work is still to be done.

I expect liberals and neo-cons to see “racial tensions” as the biggest problem facing South Africa, but Buchanan’s old magazine?

You’ve probably heard the term “voting with their feet.”  Conservatives correctly argue that because people run away from socialist countries and settle in (relatively) free ones, it’s compelling evidence that capitalism is a superior system.  The idea even has its own Wikipedia page.

As much as capitalism has been a success worldwide, by the same measure black rule in South Africa has been a miserable failure.  Between 1995 and 2005 a fifth of whites left.  Undoubtably others would like to go somewhere else but lack the means to do so. 

Maybe one could argue that racial discrimination is such an absolute evil that it must be outlawed no matter the cost.  But even by those standards (which I reject) the new vibrant South Africa isn’t much better than the old.  A full 80 percent of jobs are now required to go to blacks, meaning that a state that once discriminated against those who were by and large incompetent anyway has been replaced by one that hinders the life prospects of its more intelligent and civilized population.  See this heartbreaking piece from the Guardian about the South African whites who can’t afford to move into homogenous communities “protected by razor wire, electrified fences, security guards, dogs and surveillance cameras.”

Once again, to Frum Forum and National Review nothing I've said here matters. They agree with liberals that when the issue is anti-black racism, all other considerations -- winning elections, freedom of speech, freedom of association, having a first world country, the American Constitution, being able to walk down the street without getting raped and carved up -- fly out the window.  Too bad The American Conservative seems to share in this respectable consensus.