Untimely Observations

Larry Auster's Lies

Over the past week, Larry Auster has been posting all sorts of nonsense about AltRight. He's revealed my esoteric "agenda" and aspects of Richard Hoste's and my biographies that were previously unknown to the two of us.

Auster's most benign falsification came when he posted, approvingly, an email from a delusional and/or sociopathic readers who's fabricated this piece of gobbledygook:

I just want you to know that Richard Hoste was a graduate student at Yale when Richard Spencer was an undergrad there. Spencer was simply a conservative before Hoste started to influence him. It was he who introduced Spencer to Kevin MacDonald, and now the two Richards are ideologically very close. Hoste wanted to do his Master's on Jewish group behavior and had a falling out with his department. This must have influenced Spencer. Hoste has also been able to impress Peter Brimelow. Vdare donors called Brimelow threatening to cut off funding if he didn't get rid of Hoste but Brimelow refused, seeing Hoste's position on Israel as something he must defend on principle.

Though I appreciate Auster's attempt to bolster my résumé, I unfortunately never got in to Yale. Auster could have easily discovered this story was nonsense by simply Googling my name, or perhaps reading a recent article I wrote on my graduate experience. Richard Hoste has never set foot in New Haven nor would Hoste and my ages allow for us to have been "Yalies" together.

Some other moron or storyteller, "Michael S." reports that Hoste, Peter Brimelow, and I are members of the shadowy Charles Martel Society; "Mr. S" even spotted us together at a 2004 gala for Kevin MacDonald. This claim, too, is false. I could easily produce an alibi (from my employer during the fall of 2004), and I'm sure Hoste and Peter could as well, as they're not members of this society nor did they attend said gala.

It's bootless, of course, to try to disprove crazed charges like these, as I'm sure Mr. S and Auster will keep coming up new ones until they finally claim that Richard Hoste and Richard Spencer were seen together in Hitler's bunker. Besides, what's at issue isn't me but Auster's funny relationship with the truth.

Auster also combines lying with a rather grandiose assessment of his influence. Throughout his tirades, he seems to positively gloat over the fact that Peter Brimelow and VDARE have lost the funding of a vital donor. He goes on to fabricate a story about how Paul Craig Roberts's and Richard Hoste's anti-Zionist sentiments are what led the donor to pull out -- and, of course, quotes from a reader who somehow has the inside scoop. I've spoken with Peter about his situation, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Hoste or PCR, nor anything to do with the Israel question, which is rarely mentioned at VDARE. Auster seems to assume that everyone else has the same hang-ups and obsessions as does he -- and that his hysterical criticism might have helped ruin a right-wing website.   

There's also some laughable story about Hoste causing "controversy" at AltRight and then deciding to leave -- only to be coaxed back by me and more money. False again.  Even if it were true, how one of Auster's readers could possibly become privy to such information is any one's guess. But again, Auster simply posts such fairy tales without any hesitation.

As I wrote in my earlier piece of "Austercism," I often get the sense that Auster is a kind of Ayn Rand of the paleo Right, though perhaps the long-time leader of "paleoconservatism" would make for a better comparison. Ill-tempered and ruled by jealousy, these individuals have taken pains to denounce everyone who has ever praised their works for the crime of not adhering exactly to their peculiar ideologies. Each has cultivated his or her own echo chamber.